Steering Committee Charles L. Kades
Alfred R. Hussey, Jr.
Milo E. Rowell
Ruth Ellerman
Legislative Committee Frank E. Hays
Guy J. Swope
Osborne Hauge
Gertrude Norman
Executive Committee Cyrus H. Peake
Jacob I. Miller
Milton J. Esman
Civil Rights Committee Pieter K. Roest
Harry Emerson Wildes
Beate Sirota
Judiciary Committee Milo E. Rowell
Alfred R. Hussey, Jr.
Margaret Stone
Local Government Committee Cecil G. Tilton
Roy L. Malcolm
Philip O. Keeney
Finance Committee Frank Rizzo
Committee on the Emperor, treaties and Enabling Provisions George A. Nelson, Jr.
Richard A. Poole
The Preamble Alfred R. Hussey, Jr.
Secretaries Shiela Hayes
Edna Ferguson
Interpreters Joseph Gordon
I. Herskowitz

Source: Takayanagi, Kenzo and others eds. Nihonkoku kenpo seitei no katei [The Making of the Constitution of Japan] vol.1. Tokyo: Yuhikaku, 1972

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