Ryo Mizuno, "Kasato-maru Kokai Nikki (Daily voyage logs of the ship Kasato-maru)"

Daily voyage logs, April 29- September 3, 1908. In the logs, Mizuno described his voyage on board the ship Kasato-maru, his stay at the São Paulo Immigrant House, his visiting the Rio de Janeiro exhibition, and his efforts to resolve disturbances on the Dumont plantation. The original is in custody of the Museu Histórico Regional Saburo Yamanaka Bastos. The pictures which a staff of the library took with an ordinary analog camera when he visited Bastos in 1985 were converted to the digital images. We received great cooperation of the Kochi Liberty and People's Rights Museum for deciphering Mizuno’s handwriting.

Image “"Kasato-maru Kokai Nikki (Daily voyage log of the ship Kasato-maru)" ”