Shungoro Wako's "Return to Japan or permanently settle"

This article was placed at the beginning of the book "Bauru Kannnai no Hojin (Japanese residents under the jurisdiction of the Bauru Counsulate)", which was an investigation report on the current situations of Japanese people living in the areas around the Noroeste line and the Paulista railway extension. At one time, Tomoo Handa said in the book "Imin no Seikatsu no Rekishi : Burajiru Nikkei-jin no Ayunda Michi (The History of Immigrant Life: the Path which people of Japanese descent have taken in Brazil)", "I have never read anything surpassing the work as a 'book of anguish‘ written by his fellow Japanese in Brazil. I believe that all of the sufferings of immigrants at that time were summarized herein. Every time I wrote about immigrant problems, I repeatedly read this work, and heaped criticism on it. But ethnical sentiments alone at that time, shown in this work, were, transcending logic, deeply moving. ".

Image “Shungoro Wako's "Return to Japan or permanently settle"”