Acknowledgements and notes about utilizing"Nippon in the World"

The National Diet Library wishes to express its gratitude to the following people and organizations for their contribution to the success of this Exhibition.
  • Professor Takao YOSHII, Faculty of Letters, Hanazono University for "Scenic Mementos of Japan"
  • Emeritus professor Yukihiro TSUNOYAMA, Kansai University for "Vienna International Exposition"

Owners of materials other than those owned by the National Diet Library: (in alphabetical order)
  • Institute for Language and Culture, Doshisha University
  • Osaka Prefectural Nakanoshima Library
  • Tokyo National Museum

BBCC (Broadband-network Business chance & Culture Creation)
Since its foundation in December of 1992, BBCC has been working on experiments on various applications and promotion of their widespread use, with its major activities centering on Kansai Science City. We have been playing a leading role in making a highly-networked information society a reality. (All the projects to be completed in September of 2002.)
This show was created as part of "Experiments on Electronic Exhibitions," a joint work by BBCC and National Diet Library in 1999 and 2000 as one of our application experiments.
Please note the following when utilizing this website.
  • Concerning the link and the utilization of the contents, please see the Notice on the NDL top page.
  • The contents include electronic image data produced from materials owned not only by the National Diet Library but also by other organizations. However, all inquiries, including those concerning other organizations' materials, should be made to the National Diet Library.

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