About BBCC (Broadband-network Business Chance & Culture Creation)

BBCC was founded in December of 1992 as a private-sector-driven voluntary organization to conduct researches and experiments on high-speed broad-band network applications. It aims at creating new services, businesses and culture ahead of times in the multimedia network society of the 21st century.

BBCC has started researches, development and validation experiments of full-fledged network multimedia services based upon high-speed and large-capacity experimental network capable of integrating different forms of information such as voice, image and texts. A large volume of results has been documented from the experiments. (All the projects to be completed in September of 2002.)

Cooperation with the National Diet Library:

We cooperated with the NDL to conduct experiments with the following objectives.

o To digitize and systematize the data stored in electronic libraries and evaluate its use to enhance the efficiency.

o Experiment on inputting to image data and text data of various fields.

o Systematize the contents distributed to a plurality of experiment areas to make them available for retrieval.

We were making experiments on data retrievals from 1996 to 1997 to evaluate various retrieval interfaces. In the following year, BBCC focused on input experiments to evaluate image and text resources available in the electronic libraries. Our experiments included, in particular, conversions of published data into HTML format and its use on the network to study the technical problems that must be cleared to use huge volumes of published data owned by publishes and printing houses. In 1999, BBCC embarked on "Experiments on Electronic Exhibitions" with data editing and data compilation in mind.

We have released the following contents to the public as fruits of our experiments mentioned above.

o Rare Books of the National Diet Library

o Nippon in the World