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List of Photos of Yamamoto-gun

Photo Title Area Present-day Section Category
[Hokuu Shinposha]Noshirominato-machiNoshiro-shiEconomy and Industry
[Hachirogata (No.1)]Minamiakita-gunScenes
[Hachirogata (No.2)]Minamiakita-gunScenes
View of the bank of Lake HachiryuMinamiakita-gunScenes
[Yoneshirogawa no Mokuzai nagashi]Noshiro-shiEconomy and Industry
[Noshirogawaguchi Chakuzai no Kokei]Noshiro-shiEconomy and Industry
Port of NoshiroNoshiro-machiNoshiro-shiTransportation
[Yoneshirogawa Hansen]Noshiro-shi/Odate-shiTransportation