Hubner, J.: Algemeene geographie; of Beschryving des geheelen aardryks.

Amsterdam, P. Meijer, 1769. 5 v. in 6. <蘭-297 to 302>

The original was written by educator and geographer J. Hubner (1668-1731) and was first published in 1730-31. It was later augmented by his son of the same name (1703-1753). This book is the Dutch translation of the 1761-66 edition, translated by W. A. Bachiene and E. W. Cramerus. The Dutch studies scholars called this book Zeogarahi. Many Japanese translations were made from this book, such as Aochi Rinso's Yochishi ryaku and Katsuragawa Hoshu's Roshia shi. This book was also used as a reference for other works, such as Hayashi Shihei's Sangoku tsuran zusetsu. Belonged to the Bureau for the Inspection of Barbarian Books.