[Ikokusanba zukan.]

Copied in later Edo period. 1 roll. <YR1-103 >

This picture scroll shows 21 foreign horses originating from Persia, Java and elsewhere, and records the characteristics of each horse, such as age and hair color. The animals and birds brought by Chinese and Dutch ships were first drawn in Nagasaki, and the pictures were then sent to Edo where the Shogunate government had the required birds and animals sent from Nagasaki to Edo. The illustrations in this book are almost the same as To-ransen mochiwatari choju no zu (handed down by the Takagi family in Nagasaki) in the collection of Keio University, and may be a copy of it. The date of arrival is not stated, but the horses imported during the time of Yoshimune might be like this.

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