Kosei shinpen.

Edited by Shomeru. Tr. by Udagawa Yoan and Udagawa Genshin. Autograph. 6 v. <WA21-21 >

Four volumes are translation and autograph by Udagawa Yoan . Footnotes indicaing Yoan's work are scattered throughout. Some original covers record dates such as "Bunsei 10 nen"(1827) or "13 nen"(1830). The remaining two volumes were translated by a different person, with one volume having "Udagawa Haku ko" written in black on the lower right of the cover, and the other volume having a piece of paper with "Genshin" written on page one of the text therefore both are thought to have been translated by adoptive father Udagawa Genshin (Shinsai). These were belonged to Ito Keisuke and Ito Tokutaro . Most of the translations of this book (100 volumes) are in the Aoi Collection of the Shizuoka Prefectural Central Library.

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