Oranda honzo wage.

Tr. by Noro Genjo. Ms. 2 v. <特1-542>

This is an abridged translation of R. Dodoens' Cruydt-Boeck, made after asking questions of Dutch physicians during eight different journeys of the Dutch factory chief entourage to the Edo court during the period 1742 to 1750. The names of the physicians that gave answers and the Dutch interpreters are recorded. Other materials such as the two Japanese translations by Yoshio Kogyu, and Oranda kinju chugyo zu wage translated from J. Jonston's Naeukeurige beschryving van de natuur der viervoetige dieren are included in this book. Our copy is a transcription of the one in the Cabinet Library (now the National Archives of Japan), which was transcribed at the order of Shirai Kotaro in 1912.

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