Dodoneusu honzo abese ruiju.

Edited by Yoshio Kogyu. Autograph. 2 v. <特7-193>

According to the notes written by Ito Tokutaro at the beginning, this is the autograph by Yoshio Kogyu (Kosaku) and was given by Yoshio Gonnosuke, the son of Kogyu, to Ito Tokutaro's grandfather, Ito Keisuke, when he was studying under P. F. von Siebold in Nagasaki. It is attached with slips of paper bearing the Dutch names of plants thought to come from R. Dodoens' Cruydt-Boeck as well as the Chinese and Japanese names. There are also pages on which slips of paper explaining the plants written by Keisuke in red ink are atacched. The title of this book and primary headings in it were created by Ito Tokutaro. Belonged to the Ito Collection .