Teisei zoyaku Sairan igen.

By Arai Hakuseki. Enl. by Yamamura Saisuke. Ms. 8 v. <寄別14-3>

This is a major revision and enlargement of Arai Hakuseki's world geography Sairan igen by Yamamura Saisuke. It was completed in 1802 and consisted of 12 volumes. Our copy was belonged to Watanabe Kazan and is wanting volumes 1 and 8-11. The title slips were written by Kazan (those in Volume 7 are written by someone else) and the beginning of volumes 4 and 12 bears the seal of ownership of Kazan, and in Volume 4 is attached a slip of paper bearing a note by Koseki San'ei . Much of this is based on Pieter Goos' De Zee-Atlas, ofte Water-Weereld (1676) and Johan H端bner's De nieuwe, vermeerderde en verbeterde kouranten-tolk, ...(1748) which came to be called Korantsu toruko by the Japanese.

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