Oranda Keitsuru toryuchu shosho e makariidesoro setsu doshin sashidashi soro koto. (Incl. in Kyoho senyo ruishu, v. 91)

Ms. <814-5>

Hamburg-born equestrian H. J. Keijser (1697-1735) came to Japan with five Persian horses in 1725. He showed the Western horsemanship to Yoshimune and others at Edo Castle, and instructed the Shogunate government horse handlers. His teachings of horsemanship, feeding, horse medicine, etc. were passed on under the name Keizuruden. Kyoho sen'yo ruishu was one of the douments of archives transferred from the Tokugawa shogunate , and was the collection of legal precedents used for the administrative duties of the Edo town magistrates. The writing in this image states the commands to the police to guard H. J. Keijser on the road during a long ride. It is said that he was killed on the ship taking him home, aimed at his gifts from the Shogunate government.

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