Chomel, N. M. et al.: Algemeen huishoudelijk-, natuur-, zedekundig- en konst-woordenboek

2. druk. Leyden, J. le Mair, 1778-86. 8 v. <蘭-65 to 72>

This is the Dutch language version of N. M. Chomel's Dictionnaire oeconomique (1709), and was belonged to the Bureau for the Inspection of Barbarian Books. It served as the basis for the translated work Kosei shinpen. The first edition of the Dutch language version (2 volumes) was published in 1743, and the 7-volume version published in 1778 was used for the compilation of Kosei shinpen. This image is of the first volume. There were slips of paper attached to the pages that showed which translators were assigned to different sections, but these have been lost.