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Shinagawa-ku, Minamishinagawa
The land from the southern end of Minami Shinagawa-shuku to Kitahamakawa, facing the eastern side ocean, was called Samezu. There are multiple theories on the origin of the name including one which states that "it was called 'Samizu' (sand water) for the pure water which was found in the sands of the beach and in the ocean during low tide", one that states "when a giant shark that died here in 1251 was caught, a Kannon idol was found from its stomach, so it was named 'sameshu' (shark sandbank)", and yet another which says it was because "on the beach on the left there was a spring, so it was called 'samizu' (left water)". Fishing was prosperous and from fall to spring nori seaweed cultivation was also carried out, with Asakusa Nori actually being made from raw seaweed harvested from Shinagawa and this area.