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Meguro-ku, Kamimeguro / Nakameguro
One of the public religions that was established during the Edo Period was "Fujiko" which is a religious organization for the worship of Mt. Fuji. The religion gathered many followers to with promises that one could be reborn to a rich and noble status by achieving noble deeds, that one could recover from illness by reciting prayers, and that one could gain good fortune through the miraculous burning of charms in "taki age" ceremonies. As part of the practice of the religion, believers would participate in group climbs of Mt. Fuji as devotees, but for those who could not climb Mt. Fuji, a Fujizuka (mound made in the image of Mt. Fuji) was constructed. Meguromotofuji and Shinfuji were examples of these, with the former being organized in 1812 by a Fujiko director called Iemon who became an adherent, and the latter built in 1819 by the northern explorer, Shomotsu Bugyo (official in charge of managing documents) and bibliographer Kondo Juzo at his villa which stood in this area. Both spots were extremely popular on the yamabiraki (opening of the mountain to those wishing to climb it) on June 1st, and became one of Edo's meisho (famous place).