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Shinagawa-ku, Kitashinagawa
A hilly region that spanned from the center of the Shinagawa-shuku Station which spread north and south, to the north of Meguro-gawa River. During the Choroku Era (1457-1460), Ota Dokan's residence was located here. Around the Kan'ei Era (1624-1644), a Goten (palace) was built in this area, serving as the origin of the area's name. There are several theories on the purpose of the palace, including it being "a hunting rest area for the Shogun", "for meeting with visiting Daimyo from the western provinces". From around the Kanbun Era (1661-1673), Yoshino cherry trees were planted, and the area became a cherry blossom meisho (famous place), however, the palace was destroyed in a fire in February of 1702, and left as was, and not reconstructed. At the end of the Tokugawa Shogunate government, a portion of Mt. Gotenyama was excavated for the Shinagawa Daiba construction, and then in 1862, the incident of the burning down of the British legation occurred when Takasugi Shinsaku(Open in a new window), Kusaka Genzui and Inoue Kaoru(Open in a new window) attacked the under construction British legation with fire and burnt it down.