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List of GfT Fonts (Germany 1)

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No. City Printer Type No. M Shape GfT No.
1 Augsburg Anton Sorg Typ.1:103G M2 GfT582
2 Augsburg Anton Sorg Typ.2:118/120G M79 GfT582
3 Augsburg Anton Sorg Typ.5:75/76G M89 GfT1
4 Augsburg Anton Sorg Typ.6:150G M17 GfT582
5 Augsburg Anton Sorg Typ.7:93/94G M91 GfT583
6 Augsburg Christoph Schnaitter Typ.1:105G M14 GfT615
7 Augsburg Erhard Ratdolt Typ.4:75/76G M49 GfT597
8 Augsburg Erhard Ratdolt Typ.7:92G M91 GfT598
9 Augsburg Erhard Ratdolt Typ.9:132/134G M18 GfT603
10 Augsburg Erhard Ratdolt Typ.11:230G M88 GfT603
11 Augsburg Erhard Ratdolt Typ.12:180G M83 GfT603
12 Augsburg Erhard Ratdolt Typ.15:70/71G M91 GfT604
13 Augsburg Erhard Ratdolt Typ.20:111/112G M92 GfT605
14 Augsburg Erhard Ratdolt Typ.21:107G M88 GfT1889
15 Augsburg Erhard Ratdolt Typ.23:61G M48 GfT1890
16 Augsburg Gunther Zainer Typ.1:116G M13,M56 GfT462
17 Augsburg Gunther Zainer Typ.2:118/119G M15,M61 GfT459
18 Augsburg Gunther Zainer Typ.3:107R   GfT462
19 Augsburg Gunther Zainer Typ.4:94/95R   GfT462
20 Augsburg Gunther Zainer Typ.4*:94/95G M27 GfT666
21 Augsburg Hermann Kastlin Typ.2:105G M14 GfT594
22 Augsburg Jodocus Pflanzmann Typ.1:107G M13 GfT587
23 Augsburg Johann Bamler Typ.1(a):140G M11 GfT91
24 Augsburg Johann Bamler Typ.2:136/137G M79 GfT576
25 Augsburg Johann Bamler Typ.3:119/120G M11 GfT92
26 Augsburg Johann Bamler Typ.6*:96G M79 GfT486
27 Augsburg Johann Bamler Typ.7:89/90G M44 GfT487
28 Augsburg Johann Bamler Typ.8:108G M11 GfT672
29 Augsburg Johann Froschauer Typ.3:92G M44 GfT61
30 Augsburg Johann Froschauer Typ.4:130G M18 GfT2027
31 Augsburg Johann Froschauer Typ.5:73/74G M49 GfT618
32 Augsburg Johann Keller Typ.1:123G M13 GfT591
33 Augsburg Johann Schaur Typ.1:92G M87 GfT610
34 Augsburg Johann Schaur Typ.2:94/95G M44 GfT611
35 Augsburg Johann Schaur Typ.4:105G M81 GfT612
36 Augsburg Johann Schaur Typ.6:86/88G M81 GfT1351
37 Augsburg Johann Schobsser Typ.1:109/110G M79 GfT469
38 Augsburg Johann Schonsperger Typ.1:120G M11,M79 GfT95
39 Augsburg Johann Schonsperger Typ.1*:140/141G M11,M79 GfT491
40 Augsburg Johann Schonsperger Typ.2:94/96G M79,M25 GfT491
41 Augsburg Johann Schonsperger Typ.3:140G M33 GfT491
42 Augsburg Johann Schonsperger Typ.4:150G M99 GfT493
43 Augsburg Johann Schonsperger Typ.6:105G M81 GfT493
44 Augsburg Johann Schonsperger Typ.8:76/77G M49 GfT494
45 Augsburg Johann Schonsperger Typ.9:87/88G M81 GfT2
46 Augsburg Johann Schonsperger Typ.10:180G M60 GfT595
47 Augsburg Johann Wiener Typ.1:120G M13 GfT584
48 Augsburg Johann Wiener Typ.2:121G M13 GfT586
49 Augsburg Lucas Zeissenmair Typ.1:150G M99 GfT1795
50 Augsburg Lucas Zeissenmair Typ.2:105G M81 GfT1795
51 Augsburg Ludwig Hohenwang Typ.1:122G M2 GfT588
52 Augsburg Monastery of SS. Ulrich and Afra Typ.1:105R   GfT577
53 Augsburg Peter Berger Typ.1:97G M79 GfT608
54 Bamberg Hans Sporer Typ.2:95/96G M87 GfT622
55 Bamberg Johann Pfeyl Typ.15:86G M88 GfT2276
56 Bamberg Johann Pfeyl Typ.16:73G M49 GfT2276
57 Bamberg Johann Pfeyl Typ.17:73G M49 GfT2276
58 Bamberg Johann Pfeyl Typ.18:173G M30 GfT2277
59 Bamberg Johann Pfeyl Typ.19:173G M29 GfT2277
60 Bamberg Johann Sensenschmidt Typ.7:154G M20 GfT971
61 Bamberg Johann Sensenschmidt Typ.8**:105G M38,M87 GfT1067
62 Bamberg Johann Sensenschmidt Typ.9:79G M49,M87 GfT1068
63 Bamberg Johann Sensenschmidt Typ.11:156G M29 GfT621
64 Bamberg Johann Sensenschmidt Typ.12:81G M87 GfT693
65 Bamberg Printer of the 36-line Bible Typ.1:162/164G M61 GfT1802
66 Bamberg or Nuremberg? Printer of the 'Breviarium Caminense' Typ.1:77G M87 GfT1891
67 Basel Bernhard Richel Typ.1:117/119G M9 GfT991
68 Basel Bernhard Richel Typ.2:93/94G M9 GfT991
69 Basel Bernhard Richel Typ.3:113/120G M9 GfT991
70 Basel Bernhard Richel Typ.6:93G M99 GfT698
71 Basel Bernhard Richel Typ.7:92G M100 GfT700
72 Basel Bernhard Richel Typ.7*:130G M100 GfT704
73 Basel Bernhard Richel Typ.8:83/84G M49 GfT992
74 Basel Bernhard Richel Typ.9:135G M27 GfT1202
75 Basel Bernhard Richel Typ.10:186G M60 GfT704
76 Basel Bernhard Richel Typ.11:135G   GfT1202
77 Basel Bernhard Richel Typ.12:130G M60 GfT704
78 Basel Berthold Ruppel Typ.2:112/113G M7 GfT145
79 Basel Berthold Ruppel Typ.3:92G M9 GfT975
80 Basel Jacobus Wolff, de Pforzheim Typ.2:64/65G M47 GfT1008
81 Basel Jacobus Wolff, de Pforzheim Typ.5:70/71G M49,M47 GfT1010
82 Basel Johann Amerbach Typ.1:184G M60 GfT883
83 Basel Johann Amerbach Typ.2:81/82G M72 GfT883
84 Basel Johann Amerbach Typ.3:92G M38 GfT883
85 Basel Johann Amerbach Typ.4:184G M69 GfT883
86 Basel Johann Amerbach Typ.5:95G M49 GfT381
87 Basel Johann Amerbach Typ.6:105G M88 GfT889
88 Basel Johann Amerbach Typ.7:82/83R   GfT889
89 Basel Johann Amerbach Typ.8:110R   GfT889
90 Basel Johann Amerbach Typ.9:76/77G M47 GfT889
91 Basel Johann Amerbach Typ.10:82G M49 GfT889
92 Basel Johann Amerbach Typ.11:82/83G M88 GfT889
93 Basel Johann Amerbach Typ.13:130G M18 GfT891
94 Basel Johann Amerbach Typ.14:280G M66 GfT891
95 Basel Johann Amerbach Typ.15*:92G M99 GfT891
96 Basel Johann Amerbach Typ.17:88R   GfT897
97 Basel Johann Amerbach Typ.19:62/63G M49 GfT897
98 Basel Johann Amerbach Typ.20:95G M44 GfT897
99 Basel Johann Amerbach Typ.23:120R   GfT897
100 Basel Johann Amerbach Typ.24:74/75R   GfT897
101 Basel Johann Bergmann, de Olpe Typ.1:110R   GfT497
102 Basel Johann Bergmann, de Olpe Typ.3:79/80R   GfT497
103 Basel Johann Bergmann, de Olpe Typ.4:210G M68 GfT498
104 Basel Johann Bergmann, de Olpe Typ.5:109G M44 GfT1036
105 Basel Johann Bergmann, de Olpe Typ.6:65G M47 GfT2151
106 Basel Johann Besicken Typ.1:92/93G M99 GfT997
107 Basel Johann Besicken Typ.2:134G M27 GfT998
108 Basel Johann Froben Typ.5:130G M94 GfT1034
109 Basel Kilianus Piscator (Fischer) Typ.1:65G M47 GfT623
110 Basel Kilianus Piscator (Fischer) Typ.2:75G M87 GfT624
111 Basel Lienhart Ysenhut Typ.1:92/93G M88 GfT1015
112 Basel Lienhart Ysenhut Typ.1*:115/116G M100 GfT1016
113 Basel Lienhart Ysenhut Typ.2:164G M93 GfT1018
114 Basel Martin Flach (printer of Basel) Typ.1:116/118G M15,M9 GfT994
115 Basel Martin Flach (printer of Basel) Typ.2:125/126G M59 GfT705
116 Basel Martin Flach (printer of Basel) Typ.4:94G M88 GfT706
117 Basel Michael Furter Typ.1:82G M88 GfT1021
118 Basel Michael Furter Typ.2:156G M68,M62 GfT1022
119 Basel Michael Furter Typ.3:180G M60 GfT1023
120 Basel Michael Furter Typ.4:64G M49 GfT1025
121 Basel Michael Furter Typ.4*:93/94G M44 GfT1026
122 Basel Michael Furter Typ.5:93G M100 GfT1076
123 Basel Michael Furter Typ.6:105G M88 GfT1027
124 Basel Michael Furter Typ.10:98G M44 GfT1029
125 Basel Michael Furter Typ.14:71G M49 GfT2279
126 Basel Michael Wenssler Typ.1:120G M9 GfT976
127 Basel Michael Wenssler Typ.2:93G M8 GfT977
128 Basel Michael Wenssler Typ.4:190G M60 GfT2028
129 Basel Michael Wenssler Typ.4*:180G M60 GfT2028
130 Basel Michael Wenssler Typ.6:92G M14 GfT2152
131 Basel Michael Wenssler Typ.7:84G M21 GfT2029
132 Basel Michael Wenssler Typ.8:90G M99 GfT276
133 Basel Michael Wenssler Typ.9:90/91G M21 GfT254
134 Basel Michael Wenssler Typ.10:90G M21 GfT254
135 Basel Michael Wenssler Typ.11:78G M21 GfT254
136 Basel Michael Wenssler Typ.12:264/268G M68 GfT981
137 Basel Michael Wenssler Typ.13:156G M68 GfT981
138 Basel Michael Wenssler Typ.14:156G M61 GfT981
139 Basel Michael Wenssler Typ.15:230G M68 GfT982
140 Basel Michael Wenssler Typ.16:64G M47 GfT2153
141 Basel Michael Wenssler Typ.17:82G M53 GfT697
142 Basel Michael Wenssler Typ.18:128G M50 GfT697
143 Basel Nicolaus Kesler Typ.1:170G M60 GfT1002
144 Basel Nicolaus Kesler Typ.2:81/82G M99 GfT1002
145 Basel Nicolaus Kesler Typ.3:81/82G M49 GfT1002
146 Basel Nicolaus Kesler Typ.4:93/94G M100 GfT1002
147 Basel Nicolaus Kesler Typ.5:280G M68 GfT1002
148 Basel Nicolaus Kesler Typ.6:64G M49 GfT1005
149 Basel Nicolaus Kesler Typ.8:78/79G M49 GfT1005
150 Basel Nicolaus Kesler Typ.9:140G M18 GfT1005
151 Basel Nicolaus Kesler Typ.10:70G M49 GfT1005
152 Basel Nicolaus Kesler Typ.12:86R   GfT1006
153 Basel Nicolaus Kesler Typ.14:158/160G M93 GfT905
154 Basel Peter Kollicker Typ.1:84G M75 GfT898
155 Basel Peter Kollicker Typ.2:81/82G M62 GfT902
156 Basel Peter Kollicker Typ.3:162/164G M61 GfT902
157 Basel Peter Kollicker Typ.4:308G M66 GfT902
158 Basel Peter Kollicker Typ.5:84G M49 GfT903
159 Basel Peter Kollicker Typ.6:180G M60 GfT904
160 Basel Printer of Meffret, 'Sermones' (Berthold Ruppel) Typ.1:180G M60 GfT1014
161 Basel Printer of Meffret, 'Sermones' (Berthold Ruppel) Typ.2:83/84G M38 GfT1014
162 Basel Printer of the Form der Copyen Typ.1:109G M79 GfT1352
163 Basel Printer of the Missale Speciale (Johann Meister?) Typ.1   GfT538
164 Basel Printer of the 'Modus legendi abbreviaturas' Typ.1:180G M60 GfT1072
165 Basel? Printer of Brant, 'Exhortatio' Typ.1:111R   GfT1796
166 Beromunster Helias Heliae Typ.1:128G M67 GfT908
167 Beromunster Helias Heliae Typ.2:100R   GfT908
168 Breslau Caspar Elyan Typ.1:118G M64 GfT62
169 Burgdorf Printer of Jacobus de Clusa (H9349*) Typ.1:115/116G M13 GfT1079
170 Cologne Arnold Ther Hoernen Typ.1:98/100G M75,M31,M70 GfT222
171 Cologne Arnold Ther Hoernen Typ.2:88G M61 GfT223
172 Cologne Arnold Ther Hoernen Typ.3:150G M72 GfT224
173 Cologne Arnold Ther Hoernen Typ.5:150G M72 GfT225
174 Cologne Bartholomaeus de Unkel Typ.1:102/104G M7,M74 GfT229
175 Cologne Conrad Winters, de Homborch Typ.1:98/99G M5 GfT208
176 Cologne Conrad Winters, de Homborch Typ.2:200G M65 GfT208
177 Cologne Conrad Winters, de Homborch Typ.3:168G M4 GfT208
178 Cologne Conrad Winters, de Homborch Typ.4:118G M72 GfT209
179 Cologne Conrad Winters, de Homborch Typ.5:246/248G M70 GfT209
180 Cologne Conrad Winters, de Homborch Typ.6:114G M15 GfT209
181 Cologne Cornelis de Zierikzee Typ.1:150G M17 GfT425
182 Cologne Cornelis de Zierikzee Typ.2:81/82G M47 GfT426
183 Cologne Cornelis de Zierikzee Typ.3:110G M20 GfT427
184 Cologne Cornelis de Zierikzee Typ.6:160G M60 GfT430
185 Cologne Cornelis de Zierikzee Typ.7:82/83G M82 GfT4
186 Cologne Gerardus Ten Raem Typ.1:97G M5 GfT141
187 Cologne Gerardus Ten Raem Typ.2:105G M74 GfT142
188 Cologne Goiswin Gops Typ.1:100G M31 GfT228
189 Cologne Heinrich Quentell Typ.1:101/102G M5,M7M74 GfT280
190 Cologne Heinrich Quentell Typ.2:150G M72 GfT280
191 Cologne Heinrich Quentell Typ.3:180G M60 GfT282
192 Cologne Heinrich Quentell Typ.4:91G M99 GfT282
193 Cologne Heinrich Quentell Typ.5:75G M49 GfT283
194 Cologne Heinrich Quentell Typ.6:63/64G M47 GfT333
195 Cologne Heinrich Quentell Typ.7:80/81G M47 GfT333
196 Cologne Heinrich Quentell Typ.8:150G M61 GfT333
197 Cologne Heinrich Quentell Typ.9:272G M94 GfT336
198 Cologne Heinrich Quentell Typ.10:150G M68 GfT337
199 Cologne Heinrich Quentell Typ.12:94R   GfT284
200 Cologne Heinrich Quentell Typ.13:72/73R   GfT285

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