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Incunabura Collection

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Incunabula Leaves from Spain and Portugal

Hiddushe ha-Torah by Moses ben Nahman
67.Hiddushe ha-Torah by Moses ben Nahman
Moses ben Nahman. Hiddushe ha-Torah.
Lisbon: Eliezer Toledano, 16 July 1489.
GW M25521. Typ.1:230Heb, Typ.4:117/118Heb
Call No.YP21-83, Pl.52

Incunabula in Hebrew were printed in cities such as Naples and Soncino in Italy and Guadalajara in Spain. More than half the incunabula printed in Portugal were in Hebrew. Eliezer, a Jewish scholar from Toledo, began printing in Lisbon. There are six known titles of incunabula of his work, the first one of which is shown here. Moses ben Nahman (1194-c.1270) was a Catalan rabbi who was also known under the Latin name Nahmanides.

Nobiliario perfetamente copilado by Mexia Ferando
68.Nobiliario perfetamente copilado by Mexia Ferando
Mexia, Ferando. Nobiliario perfetamente copilado.
Seville: Peter Brun and Juan Gentil, 30 June 1492.
GW M23111. Typ.1:94/95G, Typ.2:90G
Call No.YP21-83, Pl.55

Peter Brun started a printing business with N. Spindeler in Barcelona around 1478. He moved to Seville around 1490 and began printing with J. Gentil. The book shown here is the first book written in Spanish on aristocratic crests and ceremonies, and includes 65 woodcut illustrations.

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