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Incunabura Collection

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Incunabula Leaves from the Low countries

Winter-ende Somerstuc by Jacobus de Voragine
62.Winter-ende Somerstuc by Jacobus de Voragine
Jacobus de Voragine. Passionael: Winter-ende Somerstuc.
Utrecht: Johann Veldener, 12 Sept. 1480.
GW M11546. Typ.5:114/115G
Call No.YP21-83, Pl.9

The art of printing was introduced into the Low Countries in 1473; more specifically, in Utrecht, Holland and Alost, Belgium. Nicolaus Ketelaer and Gerardus de Leempt were the first printers in Utrecht, producing about 30 titles of incunabula within two years. Johannes de Westfalia and Thierry Martens were the first printers in Alost, but Johannes de Westfalia eventually moved to Louvain in 1474, where he became a prolific printer. Johann Veldener from Wuerzburg learned printing techniques in Cologne, and around 1475 he started printing in Louvain. He moved to Utrecht in 1478 and to Culemborg in 1483. There are about 40 known titles of incunabula of his work. It is believed that his Bâtarde types influenced the typefaces used by William Caxton.

Dialogus creaturarum moralisatus
63.Dialogus creaturarum moralisatus
Dialogus creaturarum moralisatus.
Antwerp: Gerard Leeu, 11 Apr. 1491.
GW M22253. Typ.5:81/82G, Typ.8:98G
Call No.YP21-83, Pl.1

Mathias van der Goes introduced the art of printing in Antwerp in 1481. Gerard Leeu began printing in 1477 in Gouda, where he was born, and then moved to Antwerp to become a prolific printer. He excelled at printing illustrated books such as the one shown here. There are more than 200 known titles of incunabula of his work and 13 different sets of types that he used in the two cities.

Dialogus creaturarum moralisatus is a book of fables written in Northern Italy in the 14th century and was printed for the first time by G. Leeu in Gouda. There are 14 known editions of this book, including ones translated into Dutch and French, eight of which were printed by Leeu.

Tboeck vanden leven Jhesu Christi by Ludolphus of Saxony
64.Tboeck vanden leven Jhesu Christi by Ludolphus of Saxony
Ludolphus de Saxonia. Tboeck vanden leven Jhesu Christi.
Zwolle: Peter van Os, 20 Nov. 1495.
GW M19272. Typ.8:100G
Call No.YP21-83, Pl.11

Peter van Os of Breda was a prolific printer in Zwolle and produced 122 titles of incunabula using 11 different sets of types. The book shown here is the Vita Christi written by the Carthusian monk Ludolph of Saxony (c.1295-1377) in Strassburg in the early 14th century. There are many known printed editions of this book, including 18 Latin, 5 Catalan, 5 Dutch, 3 French and one Portuguese version.

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