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Entering the Library

Visitors Entrances

Picture: Visitors Entrances of the Tokyo Main Library
Visitors Entrances of the Tokyo Main Library
Main Building (Left), Annex (Right)

Visitors entrances to the Main Building and Annex of the NDL are on the east side of the facilities.

Library Cards

The NDL operates under a closed-stack system. Materials available on open shelves are limited. Only registered users are able to access materials stored in the closed stacks.

Visiting the NDL as a registered user

  • People who have a Registered-User Card (IC card)
    Enter the NDL with your Registered-User Card. (No further applications are required.)
  • People who do not have a Registered-User Card (IC card)
    Picture: the User Registration Counter
    Obtain a Registered-User Card at the User Registration Counter in the Annex. (Identification Documents are required.)

Visiting the NDL without registering as a user

One-Day-User Cards can be obtained from an automated dispenser in the Annex. Please note that services are limited mainly to browsing e-journals and materials on open shelves.

Depositing your belongings in a locker

Picture: the lockers

There are some items that cannot be taken into the library, and should be placed in a locker before entering the NDL.

Entering the NDL

Please swipe your user card on the sensor as you pass through the gate.

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