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Copying services

NDL copying services are performed in accordance with the provisions of Japanese copyright law.

Requesting copies of books or magazines

Please request photoduplication services using the appropriate form from a user terminal.

Please submit your photoduplication request form together with the materials you wish to have copied at the Photoduplication Counter.
Self-service or Same-day photoduplication: Please pay at the Photoduplication Counter (cash or electronic money cards) when you receive the copies.
Later date photoduplication (for RegisteredUsers only): Please remit payment to the NDL after receiving your copies in the mail.

* Only same-day photoduplication service is available for materials via inter-site request from the Tokyo Main Library or the International Library of Children's Literature.

Printing electronic materials

You can print electronic materials such as digitized contents or electronic journals. (Some materials are not available for this service)
Aftermaking a request for printing at a user terminal, please come to the Photoduplication Counter by the specified time on that day. Please pay at the counter (cash or electronic money cards) after you receive the printouts.
* We cannot provide data in electronic form.

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