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Entering the Library

Visitors Entrance

Visitors Entrance of the Kansai-kan

Visitors entrance is at the front of the facilities.

Library Cards

The Kansai-kan operates under a closed-stack system. Materials available on open shelves are limited. Only registered users are able to access materials stored in the closed stacks.

Visiting the Kansai-kan as a registered user

  • People who have a Registered-User Card (IC card)
    Enter the Kansai-kan with your Registered-User Card. (No further applications are required.)
  • People who do not have a Registered-User Card (IC card)

    Obtain a Registered-User Card at the User Registration Counter. (Identification Documents are required.)

Visiting the Kansai-kan without registering as a user

Please fill in the application form and receive a one-day user card at the entrance gate. Please note that materials you can access are limited mainly to e-journals and materials on open shelves.

Depositing your belongings in a locker

There are some items that cannot be taken into the library, and should be placed in a locker before entering the Kansai-kan.

Entering the Kansai-kan

Please swipe your user card on the sensor as you pass through the gate.

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