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Top > Kansai-kan of the National Diet Library > History of construction of the Kansai-kan > August 1996: "The Kansai-kan of the NDL Design Competition" was won by Fumio Toki.

History of construction of the Kansai-kan

August 1996: "The Kansai-kan of the NDL Design Competition" was won by Fumio Toki.

"Kansai-kan of the National Diet Library Design Competition"

A competition to design the new building was held from 1995 to 1996 by the Ministry of Construction, the first state-sponsored building design competition in 10 years since that for the Second National Theatre (current New National Theatre) held in 1986. This competition drew a large international response: among 493 entries, 219 were from 42 overseas countries.

The jury for the Design Competition (chaired by Yoshinobu Ashihara) awarded a First Prize, 5 Second Prizes and 8 Honorable Mentions.

First Prize

Fumio Toki (3 joint designers), Fumio Toki Architect Institute

Comments of the jury

This proposal takes advantage of the topography of the site, which rises to the south, and provides a spacious area above ground, while boldly locating most facilities such as the stacks and the reading rooms below ground.

A large sunken garden (note1) and a light well are at the center and public facilities are arranged around them, creating a variety of open spaces. The approach through the skylight roof garden creates a ceremonial air. The roof with slits and the glass facade (note2) connected to it look clear and bright. Greenery on the roof and in the courtyard is in harmony with the surrounding forests. This understated freshness set against strong and assertive designs from others attracted many votes from the judges.

(Note 1) The garden is situated one step lower than the foundation level.
(Note 2) The front of the building.


"Entries in the architectural design competition for the Kansai-kan of the National Diet Library (provisional name)"
Publisher: Public Building Association, 1997
Supervisor: Ministry of Construction

Including the prize-winning designs, all 493 entries are introduced. Details of the invitation for the design competition, review processes, comments by the jury, etc. are given in both Japanese and English.

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