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No. 218, June 2018

Edo kinko hakkei no uchi: Koganei-bashi sekisho (Eight Sights in the Environs of Edo: Evening glow at Koganei-bashi Bridge)

Artist: Utagawa Hiroshige I (1797-1858)
Published ca. 1838. 24.5 × 37.0 cm
Owned by the National Diet Library, Japan
* Available in the NDL Digital Collections:

This is one of a series by Hiroshige depicting eight scenic spots around Edo. It shows an evening scene in spring around the bridge at Koganei over the Tamagawa conduit. Cherry trees line both sides of the river. The people of those days enjoyed the beautiful cherry blossoms here. In the distance, the graceful figure of Mt. Fuji can be seen, outlined in the evening glow.

The excellent composition, deep perspective, and the beautiful and delicate colors, especially the blue of the sky and the water and the pale pink of the cherry blossoms, make this one of the greatest artistic masterpieces among the numerous scenic woodblock prints by Hiroshige.

Since only a few copies of this picture remain in Japan today, it is greatly treasured.

Two kyoka are printed above right. Below right are Hiroshige's signature and the publisher’s mark.