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No. 208, October 2016

The NDL Monthly Bulletin No. 666, October 2016

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No. 666, October 2016 (PDF: 9.78MB)

  • <Book of the month - from NDL collections>
    Correction of documentation during the Edo Period: Tamurake senzogaki
  • Exhibition "Autograph manuscripts and original artwork of well-known people (part 2)"
    Materials on Ono Ranzan
  • Analysis of handwriting and authenticity in the appraisal of historical documents
  • Digital exhibition "Autograph manuscripts and original artworks of well-known people" available now on the NDL website
  • What's bibliographic control? Revisited (7): Let's use the Japanese Periodicals Index
  • <Tidbits of information on NDL>
    • Exhibiting autograph manuscripts by Tokuda Shusei
  • <Books not commercially available>
    • Kosoku doro gojunenshi
    • Creating an "advanced knowledge infrastructure" - formulation of the NDL Fourth Basic Plan for the Development of Science and Technology Information
  • <NDL News>
    • 8th meeting of the Council on Organization of Science and Technology Information
    • Conference with directors of prefectural and major municipal libraries in FY 2016
  • <Announcement>
    • International Policy Seminar "Family diversity - From European experiences -"
    • International Symposium: Trends in Open Science and the role of libraries
    • Lecture related to exhibition "Autograph manuscripts and original artworks of well-known people (part 2)"
    • Discontinuance of original materials reader service because of digitization
    • Exhibition at the International Library of Children's Literature "Ciao! Italia –‘Fantasista Spellbinders' of children's books"
    • Series: What's Happening with Children's Books in the World? (9) Lecture "What's Happening with Children's Books in Italy?: related to the ILCL exhibition "Ciao! Italia –‘Fantasista Spellbinders' of children's books""
    • Concert for Children
    • Library Fair & Forum 2016
    • Training program on Asian information FY2016
    • Publication of a report on the FY2015 International Policy Seminar "The functions of parliament in the global era – suggestions for Japanese politics from the EU experiences –"
    • Book notice - Publications from NDL

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