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National Diet Library Newsletter

No. 208, October 2016

Japan–France Forum "Books in the digital era"
(French title: Forum franco-japonais « Livre et numérique »)

On June 13, 2016, the National Diet Library (NDL) held a Japan–France Forum "Books in the digital era" (Forum franco-japonais « Livre et numérique »), in cooperation with the French Embassy in Japan / Institut français du Japon, and focusing on the publishing industry in the two countries and the roles of libraries in the digital era. Nearly 200 people were in attendance in each session.

Remarks by Sawako HANYU, Ph.D., Librarian of the NDL, opened the symposium which then proceeded according to the program below:

Opening remarks by Sawako HANYU, Ph.D., Librarian of the NDL
Keynote lecture "Books, yesterday and today" by Dr. Takeshi YORO, professor emeritus at the University of Tokyo
Session I "Literature and reading in the digital era: a new format for books, a new way of reading" moderated by Mr. Tomohiko HAYASHI, Asahi Shimbun
Mr. Thierry BACCINO, professor at Paris VIII, scientific director of the LUTIN (Cité des Sciences et de l' Industrie)
Ms. Julie STEPHEN CHENG, artist in residence at the Villa Kujoyama in 2016
Mr. Taiyo FUJII, President of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of Japan
Mr. Keiichiro HIRANO, writer
Mr. Masanobu ISERI, Director General of the Impress R&D
Session II "Digital books and the roles of libraries: commitment to long-term access and the legal deposit system" moderated by Dr. Yashio UEMURA, professor at Senshu University
Mr. Kaoru OMAGARI, Director General, Acquisitions and Bibliography Department, NDL
Mr. Shunsaku TAMURA, professor emeritus at Keio University
Mr. Toshitaka TANAKA, General Manager of the Digital Division, Shogakukan Inc.
Mr. Benoît TULEU, Director of the Legal Deposit Department, Services and Networks Direction, Bibliothèque nationale de France
Mr. Éric VIGNE, editor of Éditions Gallimard
Session III "Economics of the publishing industry in the digital era" moderated by Mr. Minoru NAKANO, Senior Staff Writer Cultural News Department, Nikkei Inc.
Mr. Jean-Guy BOIN, Director of the Bureau international de l'édition française
Mr. Luc BOURCIER, Director General of the Izneo
Mr. Tsuguhiko KADOKAWA, President of KADOKAWA, Inc.
Mr. Shin NIINA, President of the Digital Publishing Initiatives Japan
Mr. Masahiro OGA, President of the Japan Book Publishers Association
Closing remarks by Mr. Thierry DANA, Ambassador of France to Japan

It was a most valuable opportunity to reflect on the future of books and reading. We would like to express deep gratitude to the panelists who contributed to fruitful discussion, and all of the people involved.

<<Photo: Group photo>>

Materials in Japanese or in French, used for presentations, are available on the NDL website. Also, video recording without simultaneous interpretation is provided on NIKKEI CHANNEL, a Japanese video distribution website.

(Translated by Yuko Kumakura)

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