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National Diet Library Newsletter

No. 207, August 2016

The NDL Monthly Bulletin No. 663, July 2016 / No.664/665, August/September 2016

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No. 664/665, August/September 2016  (PDF: 8.98MB)

  • Greetings from new NDL Librarian Sawako Hanyu
  • <Book of the month - from NDL collections>
    Sugatamihayageiko: sketches of kabuki-actors by Utagawa Toyokuni Ⅲ(Kunisada)
  • Focus: Japanese studies abroad and support by libraries
  • Providing materials and information on Japan to users living outside of Japan
  • Why interlibrary loan services now?
    Report on the Training for Japanese Studies Librarians Outside of Japan held by the NDL
  • NDL and its support for Japanese studies abroad
  • Training for Japanese Studies Librarians Outside of Japan offered by the NDL
  • Japanese studies outside of Japan today
    Report on reference training program for Japanese studies librarians in the U.K. and Germany in 2015
  • <Tidbits of information on NDL>
    • In search of materials on Japan published outside of Japan
  • <TOPIC >
    • Digitization of the NDL collections (focusing on materials relating to disasters)
  • <Books not commercially available>
    • Tōkyōeki 100nen no kioku: Tokyo Station a hundred years of its legacy: Tōkyōeki kaigyō hyakunen kinen
  • <NDL News>
    • Changes in personnel
    • Rules & regulations
  • <Announcement>
    • Exhibition "Autograph manuscripts and original artwork of well-known people (part 2)"
    • Small exhibition in the Kansai-kan (20) "Robots are evolving! - from myth, mechanical dolls to the latest robots"
    • FY2016 Preservation and Conservation Training Program
    • ILCL Lecture Series on Children’s Literature FY2016 - utilizing the ILCL collections
    • Book notice - Publications from NDL

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No. 663, July 2016  (PDF: 5.39MB)

  • <Book of the month - from NDL collections>
    Senji gaho: a pictorial newspaper for Japanese speakers, published in the UK by the British Government during the World War I
  • Material recently designated as a national important cultural property 51st committee on designation of rare books
    Materials on Ono Ranzan
  • Books not found in the NDL: in search of periodicals from pre-war period to the Occupation (2)
  • What’s bibliographic control? Revisited (6): a wide variety of materials
  • Activities of the Kansai-kan for promoting regional cooperation
    Business Information Month, focusing on innovation
  • <Tidbits of information on NDL>
    • Making more effective use of the Nunokawa Collection
    • Lecture at the International Library of Children’s Literature: "Emily Gravett - Living in Pictures"
    • Publication of the 77th issue of the Reference Service and Bibliography: "History of microfilming/digitizing materials on the Allied Occupation of Japan located in the United States" and a list of banned books in the collection of the NDL
  • <Books not commercially available>
    • Marugata robotto manga
  • <NDL News>
    • Formulation of the NDL Forth Basic Plan for the Development of Science and Technology Information
    • <Announcement>
      • Call for participation in the user questionnaire survey
      • FY2016 training program on the National Bibliographic Data and the Collaborative Reference Database
      • Kaleidoscope of Books (22) "Japanese Go: a board game of white and black stones"
      • Exhibition at the International Library of Children’s Literature "Barrier-free Picture Books from Around the World - IBBY Outstanding Books for Young People with Disabilities 2015"
      • Book notice - Publications from NDL

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