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National Diet Library Newsletter

No. 207, August 2016

NDL budget for fiscal year (FY) 2016

This article is a translation of an article in Japanese
that was published in NDL Monthly Bulletin No. 662 (June 2016).

The national budget for FY2016 (April 2016–March 2017) was passed by the National Diet on March 29, 2016. The General Account for the National Diet Library (NDL) for FY2016 is 19,556,320,000 yen. Since fewer employees are expected to resign or retire this year than last year, a decline in personnel expenses led to a 479-million-yen reduction in the General Account, compared with the initial budget of the previous year*.

The overall composition of the budget includes:

  • Personnel expenses: 48.4%
  • Acquisition of library materials: 11.9%
  • Costs of information systems: 17.2%
  • Office expenses: 15.2%
  • Facilities: 7.3%

*Allocations to the Special Account for Reconstruction from the Great East Japan Earthquake were ended in FY2015.

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Major expenditures for FY2016 are as follows.

1. Promotion of digital archive projects

The NDL promotes digital archive projects to achieve consistent and permanent availability for publications that form the basis of the knowledge and culture of Japan. In FY2016, taking the balance between their use and preservation into consideration, the NDL continues this well planned digitization project of the materials published in Japan. Approximately 113 million yen was included in the General Account to implement this project.

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2. Start of the first stage of the construction of the second phase facilities of the Kansai-kan

In November 2014, the NDL Building Commission advised the National Diet that the holdings of the NDL were quickly approaching current capacity of our stack buildings, and that it would be necessary to implement construction of Phase II facilities at the Kansai-kan in order to assure completion by the end of FY2019. Based on this recommendation, the NDL starts the construction of the new stack building of the Kansai-kan. Approximately 14.326 billion yen has been allocated to the General Account over the coming four years to finance this multiyear construction project as well as 160 million yen for the first year.

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National Diet Library Budget for Expenditures during FY2016 (1,000 yen)

(Item) National Diet Library 18,130,198
Personnel expenses 9,459,677
Regular office expenses 162,493
Legislative research 261,156
Acquisition of materials 2,333,978
Portion used as compensation for deposit of publications (390,249)
Costs for information systems 3,357,970
Tokyo Main Library operation 1,463,789
International Library of Children's Literature operation 259,937
Kansai-kan operation 831,198
(Item) Expenses for facilities 1,426,122
Start of the first stage of the construction of the second phase facilities of the Kansai-kan 159,974
Maintenance of the Tokyo Main Library 930,700
Maintenance of the Kansai-kan 245,567
Maintenance of the International Library of Children's Literature 89,881
Total 19,556,320

(Translated by Tomoaki Hyuga)

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