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National Diet Library Newsletter

No. 205, April 2016

The NDL Monthly Bulletin No.659, March 2016 / No. 660, April 2016

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No. 660, April 2016 (PDF: 5.06MB)

  • <Book of the month - from NDL collections>
    The Hungarian Constitution of a century ago: a commentary in German by a Hungarian scholar
  • Work of the NDL
  • Hackathon "Let's make maximum use of the NDL's data"
  • Travel writing on world libraries: The Seattle Public Library(Central Library)
  • What's bibliographic control? Revisited (5): Searching by topic
  • <Tidbits of information on NDL>
    • Leave the NDL's clerical business to us
  • <Books not commercially available>
    • Senryogun no ita machi: Sengo Yokohama no shuppatsu: Hokokusho
  • <Announcement>
    • Announcement of the employment examinations for FY 2016
    • Special event for children on Children's Day
    • Publication of research reports: "Aspects in Life Sciences" and " Frontiers in Life Sciences: Progress and Ethical Issues in Research and Development"
    • Publication of interdisciplinary research report: "Issues of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games"
    • Book notice - Publications from NDL

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No. 659, March 2016 (PDF: 4.01MB)

  • <Book of the month - from NDL collections>
    Postal route map: Measuring the distance that a letter travels
  • Archiving earthquake disasters
    • Records of earthquake disasters in the NDL Digital Collections
    • The NDL Great East Japan Earthquake Archive "HINAGIKU"
    • Activities on the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake Disaster Materials Collection of Kobe University Library
    • Activities on the Great East Japan Earthquake Archive Miyagi
  • Draft drawings of "The Smiling Book," a chirimen (crepe paper) book by Takejiro Hasegawa
  • <Tidbits of information on NDL>
    • Archiving to make a new start
  • <Books not commercially available>
    • Wasurenai asu no tameni. Fukkō e no messēji: Niigataken chūetsu daishinsai fukkō 10nen kirokushū
  • <NDL News>
    • Rules & regulations
    • 7th meeting of the Council on Organization of Science and Technology Information
  • <Announcement>
    • Renewal of the Children's Library and the Meet the World
    • Exhibition commemorating the renovation of the International Library of Children's Literature: "Facing the Reality, Soaring in the Fantasy: Fifty years of modern Japanese translations of children's books from abroad"
    • Lecture "Books I encountered in my childhood: Ms. Kyoko Nakajima"
    • Book notice - Publications from NDL

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