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No. 200, June 2015

Materials available in the Modern Japanese Political History Materials Room (1)

Modern Japanese Political Documents Division
Reader Services and Collections Department

This is a partial translation of the article in Japanese
in NDL Monthly Bulletin No. 643 (October 2014).



The National Diet Library (NDL) holds Kensei-shiryo -- personal papers of former politicians, high-ranking officials, and military officers from the closing days of the Tokugawa shogunate to the modern period. This article introduces materials newly available in recent years in the Modern Japanese Political History Materials Room in the Tokyo Main Library.1

ANAMI Korechika Papers
(Minister of War / 59 items / donated by his family / available since April 2014)

In the SUZUKI Kantaro Cabinet that put an end to World War 2 (WW2) ANAMI Korechika (1887-1945) had served as Minister of War until early morning on August 15, 1945, when he committed suicide by hara-kiri, leaving a letter that begged the Emperor's forgiveness for his great guilt.

The major part of the materials consist of diaries he kept from 1938 to the day before his death. Documents related to the army cadet school during 1934 to 1936, when he was the principal, are also included, as well as post-war remembrance materials by people who knew him.

<<Photo 1: "Anami Korechika Nikki" [call no.: ANAMI Korechika Papers Nos. 9-12, 14, 16, 17]>>

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ANDO Teibi Papers
(Imperial Japanese Army General / 80 items / donated by his family / available since June 2014)

ANDO Teibi (1853-1932) graduated from the Heigakuryo military school, and held various posts such as divisional commander of the Imperial Army 10th and 12th divisions and Governor General of Taiwan. This collection includes diaries during the Sino-Japanese War (then commander of the railroads division), before and after the Russo-Japanese War (then commander of the 19th brigade and later commander of the 10th division). His diaries during a tour of inspection in 1893 and 1894 to Berlin and other places are interesting as records of a military officer's inspection abroad. Additionally, incoming letters from military officers such as UEHARA Yusaku, OSAKO Naomichi, TANAKA Giichi, and TERAUCHI Masatake, and from politicians, are also found in this collection.

This donation was made thanks to the assistance of the General Incorporated Association Kasumi Kaikan.

OGUSHI Toyoo Papers
(scholar (of jurisprudence and political science) / 1,966 items / donated by his family / available since September 2013)

OGUSHI Toyoo (1903-1967) was a scholar of jurisprudence and political science who wrote "Kokkagaku Kenkyu" (lit. Political Science Study, Asakura Shoten, 1941).

The main part includes diaries during 1920-1947, and draft dissertations and memorandums made before and after WW2. In the diaries, he wrote a lot when he was a law student at the Tokyo Imperial University, and he studied in Germany. During WW2, he conducted research on the exercise of powers in cases of national emergency in connection with Article 31 of the Constitution of the Empire of Japan2 , so there is plenty of manuscript on such topics.

The papers were cataloged by Dr. Akifumi KANDA (then Postdoctoral Fellow from the Japan Society for Promotion of Science), and then donated by the family.

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OKUNO Seisuke Papers
(official, Member of the House of Representatives / 1,583 items / donated by himself / available since July 2014)

Native of Nara Prefecture, OKUNO Seisuke (b.1913) graduated from Tokyo Imperial University, obtained a post in the Ministry of Home Affairs, and then appointed Director General of the Bureau of Financial Affairs in the Agency of Local Autonomy, later became an administrative vice-minister of the Ministry of Home Affairs. In 1963, he was elected to the House of Representatives, and held various posts including Minister of Education, Minister of Justice, and Director of National Land Agency etc. The papers which had been stored and cataloged at the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies, were donated by Mr. Okuno himself.

The main part of the papers dates after he became a Diet Member, and contains a variety of topics such as local autonomy, elections, education and the textbook issue, historical sites and cultural properties, public peace, foreign affairs, social welfare and labor, social discrimination, taxation and public finance.

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KATAYANAGI Shinkichi Papers
(official, Member of the House of Councillors / 396 items / donated by his family / available since February 2014)

KATAYANAGI Shinkichi (1905-1988) worked for the Ministry of Agriculture, and then elected to the House of Councillors. The NDL received documents relating to following topics: "Excerpts from the record of the deliberative council on food problems" in 1946, the rice price around 1950, the Association for International Collaboration of Farmers around 1970. Additionally, clippings and magazine articles of his writings are included.

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KAYA Okinori Papers
(official, Minister of Finance, Member of the House of Representatives / 99 items / purchased / available since December 2013)

KAYA Okinori (1889-1977) graduated from Tokyo Imperial University, and then entered the Ministry of Finance. He was appointed Minister of Finance during the First Konoye Cabinet and Tojo Cabinet. After WW2, he was sentenced to life imprisonment as a Class-A war criminal, which was later reduced. He was elected a Member of the House of Representatives, and appointed Minister of Justice etc.

The NDL purchased this collection in 2013. Incoming letters received especially while he was Minister of Finance are the main part, and show what the Ministry of Finance was like at that time. Some details are as follows: an incoming letter in 1938 from Minister of Home Affairs SUETSUGU Nobumasa requesting additional budget for disaster restoration, a letter on a lecture tour promoted by the Ministry of Finance for encouragement of savings, a letter relating to the Japan-Manchuria-China economic discussion meeting in 1938, etc.

For further reference on his experience as Minister of Finance and the pre-WW2 Japanese financial policy, "Oral history of politics in Japan: interview with Okinori Kaya," is available in the Modern Japanese Political History Materials Room. It was interviewed in person in 1975, and has been available since January 2006.

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SHIMAUCHI Toshie Papers
(newspaper reporter, writer / 1,497 items / donated by his family / available since February 2014)
SHIMAUCHI Yukitaka Papers
(Imperial Japanese Army officer / 1,523 items / donated by his family / available since February 2014)

The NDL received donation of the papers from the family of SHIMAUCHI Toshie (father, 1870-1922) and SHIMAUCHI Yukitaka (son, 1893-1957), and now providing a collection of each man.

The father Toshie was born in Kochi Prefecture, was active at the Tokyo Asahi Shimbun as a political correspondent, and ran a publishing company. Besides those activities, he wrote and compiled many books under his real name or under the pen name of SHIMAUCHI Hakudo. Especially "Tani Kanjo iko (lit. Tani Kanjo's posthumous works)" originally published in 1912 and later reprinted in the series "Zoku Nihon Shiseki Kyokai Sosho," is highly regarded as a collection of historical materials. This collection includes materials relating to the compiling of "Tani Kanjo iko" (see Photo 2) and correspondence between viscount Tani's family at that time.

In contrast, the son Yukitaka chose the course of an Imperial Japanese Army officer. After graduating from the Military Academy, he studied Russian in the Russian Department of Tokyo School of Foreign Languages, and later made full use of his knowledge of the language at the front in Manchuria. His diaries from August 1935, when he was dispatched there, form the main part of the collection. Diaries especially up to 1942 bring detailed descriptions.

<<Photo 2:"Tani Kanjo iko" fliers [call no.: SHIMAUCHI Toshie Papers 631]>>

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NAGASAKI Shogo Papers
(diplomat, official / 1,559 items / purchased / available since September 2013)

NAGASAKI Shogo (1852-1937) was a diplomat and an official of the Ministry of the Imperial Household.
As to documents on foreign affairs, this collection includes mostly records during his business trip to the Kingdom of Hawaii in 1882. As to imperial matters, research notes on protocols and institutions of other countries, mainly on royal household in Europe, precedents and ancient practices.

Photo 3 shows pages from the first volume of his 19-volume diary during the tour of Prince Yorihito Higashifushimi to Europe and the United States, during which Nagasaki attended the prince. On the occasion of their arrival at Chicago on August 26, 1893, he wrote how they were welcomed by Japanese people joining the World Fair held there.

<<Photo 3 "A travel diary of Prince Yorihito's visit to Europe and the United States"
dated August 26, 1893 [call no.: NAGASAKI Shogo Papers 35-1, 1st volume]>>

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  2. KANDA, Akifumi "The Meiji Constitution and national emergency: the views of Ogushi Toyoo," Shigaku Zasshi, vol.120 no.2, February 2011, pp.203-224

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