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No. 199, April 2015

National Diet Library Monthly Bulletin (Kokuritsu Kokkai Toshokan Geppo)

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No. 648, March 2015 (PDF: 4.35MB)

  • Book of the month - from NDL collections
    The infantry drill-book of the Egyptian army 180 years ago: An Arabic manual and its journey
  • Handing down records of the Great East Japan Earthquake:
    • Focusing on archives cooperating with the NDL Great East Japan Earthquake Archive "HINAGIKU"
    • Events related to the Great East Japan Earthquake Archive
  • The progress and examination of future prospects of NDL: Digital library projects in their 20th year
  • Strolling in the forest of books (13): Image of civil servants in literature
  • <Books not commercially available>
    • Unzen fugendake funka saigai no kioku: Tsugi no sedai e: Unzen fugendake funka saigai 20shūnen kirokushū
    • Hokkaido nanseioki jishin 20nen kinen okushiritō shinpojiumu: Fukkō no sonosaki e - Sachi no shima okushiri no kagayaku mirai ni mukete: Hōkokusho
    • Hanshin awaji daishinsai kinen; Hito to bosai mirai sentā 10shūnen kinenshi
  • <Tidbits of information on NDL>
    We are the editors of the National Diet Library Monthly Bulletin
  • <TOPIC>
    Efforts by the Research and Legislative Reference Bureau: Interdisciplinary research report "Current Status and Pending Issues for Reconstruction in the Aftermath of the Great East Japan Earthquake"
  • <Announcements>
    • Publication of research report: Aspects of Information and Communication and Advances in Information and Communication Technology and Cyber Security
    • Research service of articles will be available on a trial basis
    • Announcement of the employment examinations for FY2015
    • NDL is accepting applications for FY2015 internships on library and information science
    • Lecture "Books I encountered in my childhood: Ms. Akiko Shimojyu, Ms. Eto Mori and Ms. Yuko Katakawa"
    • Book notice – publications from NDL

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No. 647, February 2015 (PDF: 4.44MB)

  • Book of the month - from NDL collections
    Kōkyō shōkai: Original book different from the reprint
  • Focus: Overlooking the history of Japanese-French exchanges through collections
    • Digital exhibition by the NDL "Modern Japan and France ― adoration, encounter and interaction"
    • Digital exhibition by Bibliothèque nationale de France "France-Japon: Une rencontre, 1850-1914"
    • International Symposium: Past and Present of Japanese-French Exchanges―from the Collections of National Diet Library and Bibliothèque nationale de France
  • Meeting "well-known people" at the NDL!: Report on exhibition "Autograph manuscripts and original artwork of well-known people"
    • Exhibition "Autograph manuscripts and original artwork of well-known people" Floor lecture on the monthly bulletin
  • Holding and reutilizing small exhibitions in the Kansai-kan
  • <Tidbits of information on NDL>
    • NDL on Facebook: NDL's exhibition (Tokyo Main Library and Kansai-kan)
  • <Books not commercially available>
    • Shirarezaru sekai e no chōsen: Kōkai, tanken, hyōryu o shirushita shomotsu hyakusen: Gakkō Hōjin Kyoto Gaikokugo Daigaku sōritsu 65shūnen kinen kikōsho tenjikai: Tenji mokuroku
    • Kanchō Anno Hideaki tokusatsu hakubutsukan: Minichua de miru shōwa heisei no waza
  • <NDL News>
    • 5th meeting of the Council on Organization of Science and Technology Information
    • 5th mutual visit program with the National Assembly Library of Korea and the National Assembly Research Service
  • <Announcements>
    • Scripts Archives Symposium commemorating the 90th Anniversary of broadcasting "Scripts Archives taking a new step: Preservation and use for the future"
    • Book notice - Publications from NDL

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