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No. 198, February 2015

National Diet Library Monthly Bulletin (Kokuritsu Kokkai Toshokan Geppo)

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No. 646, January 2015 (PDF: 3.87MB)

  • New Year Greetings for 2015: To prove worthy of trust
  • Book of the month - from NDL collections
    Odori hitori keiko: Textbook of dance drawn by Hokusai
  • Focus: NDL's Services for people with disabilities
    • Making and providing audio recordings of academic literature
    • National Union Catalog of Braille & Recorded Books in Japan and the NDL search
    • Collecting and transmitting data for the visually disabled and other users
    • Introductions of materials for people with visual disabilities
    • National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped (NLS) at the Library of Congress
    • Service of the National Library of Korea for individuals with disabilities
    • Tenyaku ehon fureai bunko (Library of Braille Picture Books) 30 years of effort: Braille picture books and expectations for libraries
  • The NDL in figures: from the Annual Report of the NDL, FY2013
  • <Tidbits of information on NDL>
    • Talking books: Making academic literature available in sound
  • <Books not commercially available>
    • Aratana seiki, aratana sābisu: Denshi toshokan e no ayumi: Nihon tenji toshokan sōritsu 70shūnen kinenshi
    • Terumi
  • <NDL News>
    • Changes in personnel
    • Annual meeting between the Librarian of the NDL and the Directors of the Branch Libraries in the Executive and Judicial Branches of the Government FY2014
    • FY2014 meeting between the Librarian of the NDL and directors of university libraries
    • 33th mutual visit program with the National Library of China
  • <Announcements>
    • International Policy Seminar: Parliamentary control over governmental activities - parliamentary reservation (Parlamentsvorbehalt) in Germany
    • Newly added functions to the Full-Text Database System for the Minutes of the Diet
    • Exhibitions at the public forum of the 3rd UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction: NDL Great East Japan Earthquake Archive "HINAGIKU"
    • Results of the user questionnaire survey FY 2014 now open to the public
    • Small exhibition in the Kansai-kan(17)"Tomorrow's dinner will be a full-course meal: Find the recipe you want to cook"
    • Exhibition at the International Library of Children's Literature "Books for healthy growth of children 2014: Cultural Materials (publications) of Child Welfare Recommended by the Social Security Council of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare"
    • Spring event of the International Library of Children's Literature "Picture books and music for children"
    • Book notice - Publications from NDL

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No. 645, December 2014 (PDF: 2.70MB)

  • Book of the month - from NDL collections
    Catalogue of the collection of watches, the property of J. Pierpont Morgan
  • Libraries, Citizens, Societies: Confluence for Knowledge
    World Library and Information Congress: 80th IFLA General Conference and Assembly
  • Children's inquiry activities and potential of library
    Lecture on research projects for opening of Teens' Research Room at the International Library of Children's Literature (ILCL)
  • Travel writing on world libraries: Stockholm
  • <Tidbits of information on NDL>
    • Linking Japan and the world: NDL's International Cooperation
  • <Books not commercially available>
    • Toshokan to tomoni: Kihara 100nen no ayumi
  • <NDL News>
    • New Deputy Librarian
    • Changes in personnel
  • <Announcements>
    • Digital exhibition "Modern Japan and France - adoration, encounter and interaction"
    • International Symposium: Toward creating an information infrastructure for digital cultural resources - Europeana and NDL Search
    • Discontinuance of original materials reader service because of digitization
    • Kaleidoscope of Books(17)"Dashi culture of Japan and discovery of umami"
    • Forum for cooperation on children's reading FY2014
    • Book notice - Publications from NDL
  • Annual index to National Diet Library Monthly Bulletin, nos. 634-645

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