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Top > Publications > NDL Newsletter > Back Numbers 2014 > No. 195, August 2014

National Diet Library Newsletter

No. 195, August 2014

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The 17th Mutual Visit Program between
the National Diet Library and the National Library of Korea

A delegation from the National Library of Korea (NLK) visited Japan during the period July 8-15 2014, for the 17th mutual visit program between the National Diet Library (NDL) and the NLK. Since it started in 1997, the program has taken place alternately in Japan and Korea every year.

<<NLK delegation and NDL executive members>>

Headed by Ms. LEE SeongDeok, Director of the International Cooperation and Public Relations Team, this year's delegation also consisted of the following three members: Ms. CHOI YuJin, Director of the Policy Materials Division of the National Library of Korea, Sejong, Ms. KIM SeungJeong, Librarian, Planning and Coordination Division, and Ms. CHAE SongAh, Librarian, Planning and Cooperation Division of the National Library for Children and Young Adults.

The Opening Session was held in the Tokyo Main Library of the NDL. Staff members at the Kansai-kan of the NDL also participated using the TV conference system.

<<July 9, 2014: Tokyo Main Library>>
Opening Session (Keynote speech) Theme: Current Status and Challenges of Two Libraries
  • (1)Current Status and Future Challenges of NLK
    Ms. LEE SeongDeok (Director of the International Cooperation and Public Relations Team, NLK)
  • (2)Current Status and Challenges of NDL in 2014
    Ms. OTSUKA Nanae (Library Counsellor, Administrative Department, NDL)

In the Opening Session, Ms. Lee briefly introduced the Medium and Long Term (2014-2018) Development Plan for the NLK. She also reported on efforts to collect and offer policy-related information at the newly opened NLK, Sejong, a branch library of the NLK, and to acquire and preserve the national knowledge and information resources.

Ms. Otsuka reported on the recent activities of the NDL such as the enhancement of the acquisition and provision of digital distributed information, activities on HINAGIKU, the Great East Japan Earthquake Archive, etc.

<<Opening Session>>


In Sessions 1 and 2, experts from both libraries reported on their recent activities and progress on each theme.

<<July 10, 2014: Tokyo Main Library>>
Session 1 Theme: Strategic Plan as a National Library
  • (1)Medium and Long Term (2014-2018) Development Plan for the NLK
    Ms. KIM SeungJeong (Librarian, Planning and Coordination Division, NLK)
  • (2)"Mission and Objectives 2012-2016" and "Strategic Goals"
    Mr. KARIKOMI Teruaki (Assistant Director of the Planning Division, NDL)
Session 2 Theme: Current Status and Challenges of Information Service for the Executive Agencies of the Government
  • (1)NLK's provision of policy information for cooperative use of policy information resources by government and institutions
    Ms. CHOI YuJin (Director of the Policy Materials Division, the NLK, Sejong)
  • (2)Branch Libraries System and Recent Services for the Government and Judicial Agency
    Mr. ISHII Toshiyuki (Assistant Director of the Branch Libraries and Cooperation Division, NDL)

Each reporter and attendees of the sessions had a frank exchange of views on the themes. Concurrently, there was also a session between the representatives from the children's service branches of the respective libraries.

<<July 10, 2014: International Library of Children's Literature>>
Session of Children's library Theme: Exhibition of the Children's Library
  • (1)Overview of the exhibitions in the National Library for Children and Young Adults, Korea
    Ms. CHAE SongAh (Librarian, Planning and Cooperation Division, National Library for Children and Young Adults)
  • (2)Exhibitions of the International Library of Children's Literature
    Ms. HONDA Makiko (Senior Librarian, International Library of Children's Literature)

<<Session of Children's Library>>

The theme of the children's library session was "exhibitions." Both representatives reported each library's exhibitions: Ms. Chae made a summarized report of exhibition examples through cooperation with foreign countries' embassies and other organizations. Ms. Honda reported on ILCL's exhibitions based on its own holdings. The reports and discussion were highly thought-provoking for both sides.

<<Closing Session>>

From July 12 to 15, the delegation visited the Kansai-kan of the NDL. The representatives from NLK and staff members of the Library Cooperation Division had a discussion meeting on each library's support activities for Japanese/Korean studies overseas. The whole program concluded with a Closing Session and the two libraries agreed to proceed with future cooperation.


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