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National Diet Library Newsletter

No. 193, April 2014

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Result of the evaluation for NDL activities in FY2012 and framework for Activity Performance Evaluation in FY2013 open to the public

The National Diet Library sets the “Mission and Objectives 2012-2016” and “Strategic Goals” which are the mid-term goals for accomplishing the mission and objectives. Under the “Strategic Goals,” we select “Major Activities” every fiscal year, and perform an evaluation of the progress of these activities after the end of the fiscal year.

Based on the Strategic Goal 6-1: “Manage transparently and efficiently,” we conducted an evaluation of the NDL activities in FY2012 and formed a framework for Activity Performance Evaluation in FY2013. We also made English translations of the evaluation and the framework to be available on our website, for realizing the spirit of Strategic Goal 4-2: “Enhance international cooperation.” This is so that information on the objectives and performance of NDL's activities along with their evaluation can be provided more widely to libraries and users, including those overseas, to make information globally shared.

<Priority Objectives for FY2012 and their Evaluation>

<Framework for Activity Performance Evaluation in FY2013>

Details about the NDL evaluation system and results of past evaluation are available on the webpage on the Activity Performance Evaluation.


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