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National Diet Library Newsletter

No. 193, April 2014

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The 3rd China-Japan-Korea Digital Library Initiative (CJKDLI) meeting

The third meeting of the China-Japan-Korea Digital Library Initiative (CJKDLI) was held on December 19 and 20, 2013, in Seoul, Republic of Korea. The CJKDLI is a collaborative project between the National Library of China (NLC), National Diet Library (NDL) and National Library of Korea (NLK), aiming at integrated search and use of the cultural and academic heritage of the nations on the Internet. The three libraries concluded the CJKDLI Agreement in August 2010, and held the first meeting in China in October 2011 and the second meeting in Japan in December 2012. In the third meeting held in the NLK, three staff members each from the NLC and NDL and nine from the NLK were in attendance.

On the first day, each library gave update reports on their efforts in digital library services. The NLK talked on the acquisition and organization of digital resources, including the law revision to cover electronic publications with ISBN or ISSN as the target of legal deposit. The NLC mentioned the release of an assignment and registration system of identifiers to digital resources, as well as the current state of a digital library project covering the whole of China by virtual networking. The NDL explained the acquisition and provision of digital resources, the Digitized Contents Transmission Service for Libraries, and others.

Aiming for the integrated information service (portal) of the three libraries in the future, the CJKDLI for the first phase seeks a better interoperability of portal sites managed by each library: the National Diet Library Search (NDL Search), the Wenjin Search of the NLC and the Dibrary of the NLK. On the second day of the meeting, the current state and challenges of the portal sites were shared and mutual collaboration method using application programming interface (API) was discussed. Each portal site offers integrated search of the collections, union catalogs and digitized materials of each library. The number of searchable metadata is about 200 million in the NDL Search, 73 million in the Wenjin Search and 36 million in the Dibrary. Cross search between the NDL Search and Dibrary has been available by API cooperation since 2013. Regarding the future cooperation with the Wenjin Search, the NLC agreed to consider the implementation of API. At the end of the two-day meeting, development of the integrated information service (portal) as the medium to long-term goal was put on the agenda.

The fourth meeting is to be held in the NLC in 2014.

<<Photo of the meeting>>


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