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Top > Publications > NDL Newsletter > Back Numbers 2006 > No. 151, October 2006

National Diet Library Newsletter

No. 151, October 2006


Experimental provision of text data
of the National Diet Library List of Subject Headings
(NDLSH) now starts

Bibliographic Control Division, Bibliography Department

This is a translation of the article of the same title in the NDL Monthly Bulletin No. 546 (September 2006).

The National Diet Library List of Subject Headings (NDLSH) is a controlled term list compiled and maintained for producing bibliographic data in the NDL. Since 2004, the list has been enhanced by introducing a thesaurus structure and is now used as an important means of subject access, especially when searching the NDL-OPAC.

The NDLSH has been already available in pdf file on the NDL website. In addition, we have started to provide the list in text file on an experimental basis in the hope that it will be more widely used. We also aim to seek a better way of making it available as a digital tool through this experimental data provision.

The list will be provided in TSV (Tab Separated Value) file containing the whole content of the FY2005 edition which is available on the NDL website. Supplements published in and after April 2006 are not included.

To obtain the NDLSH text data, you need to submit an application to the Bibliographic Control Division, Bibliography Department, NDL. Please note that using the data is limited to noncommercial research and there are some conditions when publishing a research product. 

The conditions for data provision, sample text data and an application form have been available on the NDL website since September 1, 2006. You can find more detailed information about data provision and the application on our web page (http://www.ndl.go.jp/jp/library/data/ndl_ndlsh.html) (Japanese only).