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About "Books on Japan"

Reason for publishing this catalog

As the sole national library in Japan, the NDL has been acquiring Western language materials on Japan published in and out of the country since the era of the Imperial Library, predecessor of the NDL. The collection covers humanities, social sciences, science and technology and other wide areas of learning. We have introduced the bibliographic information of such materials by editing and publishing book-form catalogs, but with the development and dissemination of the Internet, we decided to provide them promptly on the Internet.

Notes for use

"Books on Japan" on the web has no search function. Please use the search function of your WWW browser. (The search function of the WWW cannot carry out search by title, author, etc.)
To use materials shown in the page, please search the NDL Online by title, author, etc. and see the library's holding information.

About characters

The "bibliographic information page" is written with the "UTF-8" character set. Note that characters which are not included in the set are replaced by other characters or represented by "geta mark". Japanese characters may be included in the bibliographic information. To display them correctly, a browser compatible with UTF-8 and a Japanese font set are necessary.

Coverage, organization, filing order and contents of the catalogs


This page includes bibliographic information of books on Japan in Western languages published in and out of the country and acquired through deposit, purchase, donation and exchange. The bibliographic information is extracted automatically from the database of books in Western languages processed by the NDL, by about 700 classification codes relating to Japan, conforming to the "National Diet Library Classification, Revised Edition (1987)."


Entries are arranged by classifications, mostly conforming to the National Diet Library Classification: Revised Edition (1987).

Filing order

Under the same classification, items are arranged in alphabetical order of titles. Initial articles (The, A, An, Le, La, L') are omitted. Titles in kanji (Chinese characters) are listed after the alphabetical ones.

Contents of the catalogs

Entries conform to the following rules in principle:
Anglo-American cataloguing rules 2nd ed.:AACR2(until March, 2013), Resource Description and Access : RDA ( from April, 2013) (for books in Western languages published overseas / Rare books and old materials in Western languages)
Nippon Cataloging Rules, 1987 Edition, 2006 Revision (for books in Western languages published in Japan)


Vida de un idiota y otras confesiones / Akutagawa Ryūnosuke ; traducción de Yumika Matsumoto y Jordi Tordera ; introducción de Carlos Rubio.(2) -- 1a ed.(3) -- Gijón : Satori, 2011.(4) -- 190 p. ; 22 cm.(5) -- (Maestros de la literatura japonesa ; 5)(6)

Contents: Les mandarinas -- Extractos de la agenda de Yasukichi -- Al borde del mar -- Registo de defunciones -- Engranajes -- Vida de un idiota -- Nota enviada a un viejo amigo(7)

ISBN 9788493820497 ; 8493820490(8)
  1. Call number
  2. Title and statement of responsibility
  3. Edition
  4. Publication, distribution, etc.
  5. Physical description
  6. Series
  7. Notes
  8. Standard number

The description may differ slightly for books in Western languages published in Japan.

How to find materials acquired in the past

We have edited and published the following "catalogs of materials on Japan in Western languages." Please consult them to find materials acquired prior to January 2002.

  • Catalog of materials on Japan in Western languages in the National Diet Library formerly in the collections of the Ueno Library, 1872-1960. Tokyo : The Library, [1966]. vi, 166p. ; 26 cm.
    • <NDL Call No. 016.952-K79cu>

    • Contains about 5,000 books on Japan in Western languages previously owned by the former Ueno Library, Branch of the National Diet Library.
  • Catalog of materials on Japan in Western languages in the National Diet Library, 1948-1975. [Tokyo : National Diet Library, 1977.] vii, 388p. ; 27 cm.
    • <NDL Call No. GB1-30>

    • Contains about 7,800 books on Japan in Western languages acquired during 28 years between February 1948 (when the NDL was established) and December 1975.
  • Catalog of materials on Japan in Western languages in the National Diet Library, 1976-1986. Edited by the National Diet Library. Tokyo : Kinokuniya, 1992. xi, 331p. ; 27 cm.
    • <NDL Call No. GB1-A40>

    • Contains about 4,700 books on Japan in Western languages acquired during 10 years between January 1976 and August 1986.
  • Books on Japan in Western Languages Recently Acquired by the National Diet Library. - Tokyo : National Diet Library ; 30cm. - 2/Y. 1994.12/1995.6 - 2001.1/2001.12. Vols. for - 1993, published as suppl. to National Diet Library Newsletter.
    ISSN 1341-4623
    • <NDL Call No. Z52-E381>

  • Web Archiving Project
    You can see back issues of "Books on Japan" after 2002.(Please search with the keyword "Books on Japan".)

Part of the previous collections can be searched by title, author, etc. in the NDL Online.