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Studies FY2002

The themes of studies FY2002 are as follows:

(1) Target and method of preservation

We researched the guidelines adopted by foreign national libraries for digital reservation, their current efforts and future plans for long-term preservation.

(2) Technology trend

We researched the process of assigning metadata necessary for digital preservation and “OAIS Reference Model” which is a conceptual framework for long-term preservation. We also estimated the preservation costs in the light of type of digital information and method of preservation.

(3) Recording media and preservation environments

Digital information recording media has its own lifespan and needs a suitable environment including temperature and humidity. We gathered this information and organized it. In addition, we put together the perspectives of the lifespan of each medium and alternative technologies.

(4) Collaborative activities between information providers and libraries

We researched overseas collaborative activities for digital preservation between information providers and libraries through various reports. In addition, we conducted a survey to grasp the actual situation of digital preservation at domestic public and private-sector institutions. We also held two conferences of specialists who were engaged in activities or studies relating to digital preservation in various areas.

Results of studies have been summarized in “Study Report on Long-term Preservation of Digital Information”.

“Study Report on Long-term Preservation of Digital Information”, March 2003


1: Introduction
2: Current efforts in other countries
3: OAIS Reference Model
4: Metadata
5: Technology Trends
6: Cost
7: Media and environments for preservation
8: Collaborative activities between information providers and libraries
9: Conclusion

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