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Entrance Cube

A solid block plan of the Entrance Cube
A picture of the Entrance Cube

The entrance cube, measuring approximately 45 meters long by 15 meters wide and with a ceiling height of 6 meters, projects out from the building, and you enter the building through this cube. As you go down the stairs, you see the reading rooms and the Auditorium. At the back of the cube is the elevator.

A picture of the stairs

On the walls is tapestry glass similar to the outer walls on the front of the building. Special glass (LOW-E glass), which lets in only about 40% of the sunlight, is used on the inside layer of the double-glazing.


A solid block plan of the Barrier-free facilities
A picture of the Barrier-free facilities

The Kansai-kan is equipped with Braille blocks, Braille information guides, parking space for the handicapped, a ramp for wheelchair access to the entrance cube, rest rooms for those using wheelchairs, barrier-free elevators, automatic doors, a magnetic guidance system for those with hearing difficulties, etc. so that the handicapped and elderly can easily use the Kansai-kan without hindrance.
For details of "Services for the Handicapped", please click here.


A solid block plan of the Atrium
A picture of the Atrium

The atrium extends from the 3rd floor down to the 4th basement and is located between the office space and the curtain walls. The sides of the atrium are made of glass so that natural light penetrates into the offices and the stacks. The east side of the Atrium functions as the lobby of the Auditorium, and that on the west side allows light to reach down to the 4th basement.

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