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Copying services

NDL copying services are performed in accordance with the provisions of Japanese copyright law.

Requesting copies of books or magazines

Picture: the appropriate form for requesting photoduplication services

Please request photoduplication services using the appropriate form from a user terminal.

Picture: the Photoduplication Counter

Please submit your photoduplication request form together with the materials you wish to have copied at the Photoduplication Counter.
Self-service or Same-day photoduplication: Please pay at the Photoduplication Counter (cash or electronic money cards) when you receive the copies.
Later date photoduplication (for RegisteredUsers only): Please remit payment to the NDL after receiving your copies in the mail.

* Only same-day photoduplication service is available for materials via inter-site request from the Tokyo Main Library or the International Library of Children's Literature.

Printing electronic materials

Picture: the Photoduplication Counter

You can print electronic materials such as digitized contents or electronic journals. (Some materials are not available for this service)
Aftermaking a request for printing at a user terminal, please come to the Photoduplication Counter by the specified time on that day. Please pay at the counter (cash or electronic money cards) after you receive the printouts.
* We cannot provide data in electronic form.

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