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Chronology of Mutual Visit Programs between the National Diet Library (NDL), the National Assembly Library of Korea (NAL) and the National Assembly Research Service (NARS)

No.(Year) Period Exchange activities Reports
(Monthly Bulletin:
NDL Monthly Bulletin)
7(2017) in Japan Jan 10 (Wed.) to Jan.13 (Thu.) Session 1: Arrangement of Public Access to
Parliamentary Information
Session 2: Measures against Natural Disasters
6(2015) in Korea Dec.8 (Tue.) to Dec.11 (Fri.) Session 1: Newly developed parliamentary and/or legal information services
Session 2: National debt management policy
NDL Newsletter No.204 (2016.2)
5(2014) in Japan Dec.2 (Tue.) to Dec.5 (Fri.) Session 1: Preservation and disclosure of parliamentary documents and parliamentary information
Session 2: Promotion of information and communications technology
Monthly Bulletin No.647 (2015.2) (PDF: 4.44MB)
NDL Newsletter No.198 (2015.2)
4(2012) in Korea Dec.9 (Sun.) to Dec.15 (Sat.) Session 1: Legislative Information Database: Current Status and Its Tasks
Session 2: Policy Responses to its Ageing Society
NDL Newsletter No.187 (2013.2)
3(2011) in Japan Dec.12 (Mon.) to Dec.18 (Sun.) Session 1: Current situation of the provision and dissemination of parliament-related information to parliamentary members and the people
Session 2: Food safety
Monthly Bulletin No.611 (2012.2) (PDF: 2.95MB)
NDL Newsletter No.181 (2012.2)
2(2010) in Korea Dec.6 (Mon.) to Dec.10 (Fri.) Session 1: Foreign legal information services to the parliament
Session 2: The problems of the policy and legislation dealing with expensive tuition fee of university
NDL Newsletter No.176 (2011.2)
1(2009) in Japan Dec. 14 (Mon) to Dec. 20 (Sun) Session 1: Recent development of information and material acquisition and service under web environment
Session 2: Current status and challenge of ODA in Japan and Korea
Monthly Bulletin No.589 (2010.4) (PDF: 3.42MB)
NDL Newsletter No.171 (2010.2)

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