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Pre-conference of WLIC 2006 Preservation and Conservation in Asia


Wednesday August 16, 2006

Morning guided tour

Guided tour of the National Diet Library including visiting the workshops of the Preservation Division

Afternoon session: Preservation issues in Asia

Nancy Gwinn, Chair of the IFLA Preservation and Conservation Section, and Director of Smithsonian Institution Libraries
Preservation education in Southeast Asia
John Dean, ex-Director of the Department of Conservation and Preservation, Cornell University Library, US
(Experienced educator in Southeast Asian countries, Editor of the “Library preservation and conservation tutorial Southeast Asia,” web-based tutorial tool)
Issues and future of preservation activities and collaboration in Southeast Asia
Rujaya Abhakorn, ex-Professor of Chiang Mai University, Thailand
(Goodwill patron, UNESCO Memory of the World Programme)
Conservation of Asian documents on paper and palm- leaf
O. P. Agrawal, Director General of the Indian Council of Conservation Institutes
(Leading Conservator, Conservation administrator)
Preservation cooperation in Nepal: from training to conservation and digitization of rolled palm leaf manuscripts
Paper Conservators Asia Unlimited (PCAU) and National Diet Library
(PCAU:Conservator group working to aid conservation of cultural properties in Asian countries)
Speaker: Yukiko Saito, Director of the IFLA/PAC Regional Centre for Asia, National Diet Library

Thursday August 17, 2006

Morning session: Microfilming and digitization of documentary heritage in Asia

IFLA/PAC Core Activities in Asia
Christiane Baryla, Director of the IFLA/PAC International Focal Point, Bibliothèque nationale de France
Microfilming and digitization of newspapers in China
Li Chunming, Assistant Director of the Newspaper and Periodicals Department, National Library of China
Preservation roles of reformatting: today, tomorrow, and the next day
Colin Webb, Director of the IFLA/PAC Regional Centre for Oceania and Southeast Asia, and Director of the Preservation Services, National Library of Australia
(Conservator, Editor of the “Guidelines for the preservation of digital heritage,” UNESCO)
Closing address
Utsumi Keiya, Director General of the Acquisition Department, National Diet Library

Note: The venue will open 30 minutes before the events start.

Download the program [pdf file:84KB]

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