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Use and Connect: How to link to NDL LOD

The National Diet Library (NDL) provides metadata as Linked Open Data (LOD) to facilitate effective use by computer systems or applications. This page provides the usage examples of NDL LOD. Please refer to Use and Connect: What is NDL Linked Open Data (LOD)? for general information or Use and Connect: How to use NDL LOD for the use of specific data.

Use Cases of NDL LOD

Use Cases

NDL LOD is used via various systems or applications. The following are typical examples of how LOD are used. Please refer to the NDL Search Link Collection (Japanese) for examples of how the NDL Search API is used.

Usage examples of NDL LOD
Service Creator Outline
covo.js Li:d tech
(Shun Nagaya, Yutaka Hayashi, Shuhei Otani)
This service enables users to sort information from web services by synonym, subject, etc. (Library for JavaScript). It can also be embedded into web services and extended. This application uses authority data from Web NDL Authorities.
(Reference: Controlled Terms or Free Terms? A JavaScript Library to Utilize Subject Headings and Thesauri on the Web)
calil.jp CALIL Inc. This service enables users to check availability of reserved books in more than 6,000 libraries in Japan on a real time basis. This application uses bibliographic data of NDL Search.
Link set of GeoNames.jp and Web NDL Authorities Indigo Corp. Research and Development Center indigo-lab This dataset is a link set between identical geographical name's URIs in Web NDL Authorities and GeoNames.jp.
(Reference: https://github.com/indigo-lab, http://lod4all.net/dataset.html)
Data of books including spots in Kyoto Shishomaro-han This dataset is about novels and manga, which include spots in Kyoto as their topics. It includes various data such as place name, its latitude and longitude, rate of Kyoto (rate of appearance of Kyoto) as well as bibliographic data. This dataset uses authority data from Web NDL Authorities.
(Reference: Activities on LOD (Linked Open Data) by Shishomaro-han: a use case of Web NDL Authorities (Japanese))

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