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CDNLAO Newsletter

No. 91, March 2018

Education and training

Fostering Librarian Competence through Education & Training Programs

By Chaerul Umam, National Library of Indonesia

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As mandated by the Library Act, the National Library of Indonesia (NLI) has the role in ensuring librarians competence required for running and managing all kinds of libraries in the country. In taking on this role, NLI works with one of their units called the Centre for Education and Training. The unit organizes and manages various training courses provided for all librarians in Indonesia.

Courses offered by this unit can be divided into two categories: functional and technical. Functional course serves as a formal requirement for non-librarians to become certified librarians in certain level or position depending on their current degree of education.

Technical courses comprise formal trainings that offers a number of certain skills or competence in the field of library technical areas such as physical and digital preservation, conservation, cataloguing, etc.

Most of the courses offered by NLI are free of charge. As a public agency, NLI offers free training programs applicable for all librarians in the country. The allocation of participants however, is limited depending on the available budget. Public can apply for the training online through the website at

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