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CDNLAO Newsletter

No. 87, December 2016

Information from the editorial office

Special topic of the next issue

by Branch Libraries and Cooperation Division, National Diet Library, Japan

To member libraries of the CDNLAO:

The next issue (No. 88), will be focusing on “Collaboration with other institutions.” It is essential for national libraries to cooperate with other institutions to meet the demand of patrons in this rapidly changing environment, by sharing resources, ideas and experiences. We welcome articles introducing of your library’s practices, either international or intranational, relating to this topic.

Deadline for contributions to the next issue (No. 88): February 24, 2017

We also welcome articles on your library’s activities and comments on the Newsletter.

The CDNLAO Newsletter is to be published on the following schedule: No. 88 (April 2017), No.89 (August 2017), and No. 90 (December 2017).

Thank you very much for your continued cooperation!

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