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CDNLAO Newsletter

No. 84, December 2015

Information from the editorial office

Past issues of the CDNLAO Newsletter redirected to the archived pages from December 2015

By Branch Libraries and Cooperation Division, National Diet Library, Japan

Thank you very much for your continued cooperation with the CDNLAO Newsletter.

To reduce the volume of data on the NDL’s server, we have shifted to providing past issues in the WARP system, a website archive managed by the NDL. Links in the Back numbers and Cumulative index have been automatically directed to the archived articles.

Shown below is the screen transition.

Step 1

Please click “Back numbers” at

Step 2

Please click the issue you want to read (for example, “No. 80, July 2014”).

Step 3

The archived index page in the WARP system will open. Please note that the message in Japanese1 will be displayed at the top of the page but it might be not important for access to the archived articles. You can close the message by clicking the small triangle in the lower right of the blue area.

HTML files of the articles linked to the WARP system have been deleted from NDL’s server. The archived pages in the WARP system are not indexed by web crawlers, so words in the archived articles is not searchable by search services such as Google and Yahoo.

Also, the editorial staff of the CDNLAO Newsletter is now reviewing the CDNLAO website by the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 and other standards and the website will undergo a small adjustment including closing of the Discussion Forum in future, to improve its user-friendliness including contrast ratio and correction of syntax errors.

Thank you again for your kind understanding.

Editorial Office of the CDNLAO Newsletter
Branch Libraries and Cooperation Division
Administrative Department
National Diet Library
E-mail: newslat n d l dot g o dot j p

1 The message in Japanese says “This page was archived by the National Diet Library on January 13, 2015. Please note that the information on this page might be old and has possibly been changed since it was archived. The URL of the website at the time of its archive is (outside of the WARP), but it is possible that the URL does not exist or has been replaced. *Copyright of this page”

Copyright (C) 2015 National Diet Library, Japan