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CDNLAO Newsletter

No. 78, November 2013


Vanuatu National Library & Archives Opens!

By June Bela NORMAN, Vanuatu National Library

On 23rd August 2013 the Pacific island nation of Vanuatu witnessed the official opening of the State of the Art National Library and National Archives Building. This project has been achieved as a result of vision, generous donor and team work.

The National Library has over 30,000 items catalogued shelved in a small room for over 10 years since the National Library was first established. Daily user statistics and growing number of its Collections over the years have proven that the National Library needs a bigger space of its own to accommodate the growing number of users and Collections. A lot of talks, reports and discussions resulted in the Australian Governments generous support to this idea of building a new building to house the National Library and National Archives.

This new building is the result of dedicated team work. The Architects, Chris and Abdul from Walker Community Architects in New Zealand - in consultation with AusAID Technical Adviser Peter Lawther, Project Manager Cyrille Mainguy and the principal users, National Librarian June Norman and National Archivist Anne Naupa- have done a marvelous job in putting the vision on paper with a stunning design. The local construction company, Fletcher Construction (Vanuatu), under the dedicated and meticulous supervision of Glenn Browne, has coordinated teams of local construction workers, roofers, electricians and glass fitters, to produce a building that can be compared favorably with anything else of its kind throughout the Pacific region.

We are proud of this achievement and we welcome all visitors to visit the National Library & National Archives when you visit Vanuatu!

Photo of the building of the National Library and Archives of Vanuatu
< National Library & Archives of Vanuatu Building! >

Photo of the upstairs leading to the library reading area
< Library Reading area upstairs! >

Photo of the library reading area
< Library Reading area! >

Photo of the news storage space for books
< More storage space for the Library Collections! >

Photo of the news storage space for newspapers
< Newspaper Collection! >

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