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Activity Performance Evaluation in FY2013

The National Diet Library (NDL) formulates mid-term objectives "Strategic Goals" to achieve our "Mission and Objectives 2012-2016." Each fiscal year, we also formulate "Major Activities" under "Strategic Goals" and evaluate the status of these activities after the fiscal year ends. We set "Evaluation Indicators" and "Associated Indicators" for each "Strategic Goal" to carry out a valid evaluation. We determine target values for "Evaluation Indicators" at the beginning of the fiscal year according to recent actual performances and project size. We do not determine target values for "Associated Indicators," but we use it to understand our activities.

All evaluation results are as follows:
Evaluation details for all "Strategic Goals" (only in Japanese) (PDF: 688KB)

A summary of evaluation results

Objective 1: Support to the Diet

We will enhance reliable research and analysis with high expertise on public policy issues and emphasize prompt and precise information services, to provide the Diet with full assistance.

To realize "Objective 1," we conducted seven "Major Activities" ("Research on request services," "Anticipatory research services," "Interdisciplinary research etc.," "Liaison and cooperation with external research institutions," etc.). As "Evaluation Indicator" 1 (Cases of anticipatory research) has considerably exceeded its target value, we evaluate that we have provided the Diet with full assistance.

Evaluation details for "Strategic Goal 1" (only in Japanese) (PDF: 290 KB)

Objective 2: Acquisition and Preservation

We will further improve the legal deposit system and strive to build comprehensive collections of domestic publications; besides print publications, we intend to acquire and preserve a variety of materials/information, both digital and non-digital, as cultural assets.

To realize "Objective 2," we conducted thirteen "Major Activities" ("Strengthening acquisition of materials through deposits," "Implementing systematic acquisition of free online publications," "Acquiring and providing unpublished materials such as manuscripts," "Implementing digitization of collection items," etc.). Seven "Evaluation Indicators" achieved target values. Especially, "Deposit rate" (" Evaluation Indicators" 1 and 2) was fairly high. So we evaluate that we have progressed as we planned.

Evaluation details for "Strategic Goal 2" (only in Japanese) (PDF: 257 KB)

Objective 3: Information Access

We will prepare universally user-friendly environments and measures, through digitization of materials, improved search methods and others, in response to new information environments, so that our holdings are easily available and sought-after information can be found promptly and precisely.

To realize "Objective 3," we conducted seventeen "Major Activities" ("Maintaining the reading environment within the Library," "Sending digitized collections to libraries etc.," "Sending digital data for persons with visual disabilities etc.," "Expanding provision of National Bibliography information," etc.). One of the "Evaluation Indicators," "Days required for books acquired at Tokyo Main Library (Japanese books) to become usable in NDL-OPAC" ("Evaluation Indicator" 30) was significantly shortened. Five "Evaluation Indicators" achieved target values. So, we evaluate that we have improved the information access environment.

Evaluation details for "Strategic Goal 3" (only in Japanese) (PDF: 265 KB)

Objective 4: Collaboration and Cooperation

We will work together with other institutions, both in Japan and abroad, to expand and make useful our knowledge base and cultural infrastructure.

To realize "Objective 4," we conducted eleven "Major Activities" ("Disseminating information via training etc.," " Enhancing liaison and cooperation with associated institutions in regard to digital information," "Promoting agreement activities based on China-Japan-Korea Digital Library Initiative (CJKDLI)," "Contributing internationally by providing bibliographic data etc.," etc.). "The number of training sessions held for librarians" was 79, significantly higher than the target value. Since all seven "Evaluation Indicators" exceeded the target values, we evaluate that we have accomplished collaboration and cooperation with other institutions, both in Japan and abroad.

Evaluation details for "Strategic Goal 4" (only in Japanese) (PDF: 253 KB)

Objective 5: Archives of the Great East Japan Earthquake

We will continue to develop the Great East Japan Earthquake Archives in order to convey to future generations the records of and the lessons learned from the unprecedented disaster.

To realize "Objective 5," we conducted four "Major Activities" ("Acquisition of materials related to the Great East Japan Earthquake Archive," "Supporting the digital archives of other institutions," etc.). We evaluate that we achieved this objective to some extent. However, there are problems based on legislation for acquiring contents such as moving images and pictures, and therefore we have not acquired enough. We cannot work out solutions to the problems by ourselves, so we have to collaborate with ministries and related institutions.

Evaluation details for "Strategic Goal 5" (only in Japanese) (PDF: 237 KB)

Objective 6: Administration

We will conduct our management transparently and efficiently, nurture human resources for advanced services and secure the necessary facilities.

To realize "Objective 6," we conducted eight "Major Activities" ("Advancing ‘Mission and Objectives 2012-2016’ and ‘Strategic Goals,’" "Implementing staff training programs," etc.). We evaluate that we have progressed as we planned.

Evaluation details for "Strategic Goal 6" (only in Japanese) (PDF: 236 KB)

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