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Top > NDL to Implement a New Search System in January 2018 > Important Notice: Setting and changing log-in passwords for the NDL Online

Important Notice: Setting and changing log-in passwords for the NDL Online

Please be aware of the following important points regarding log-in passwords for the NDL Online.

  1. Password policy
    Log-in passwords must conform to the following conditions:
    • Between 8 and 20 characters in length
    • Comprise only single-byte alphanumeric characters or the symbols !#&\@?-=*+
    • Include at least one letter and one number
    • Be case sensitive
    Please remember:
    NDL Online log-in passwords are case sensitive. You may continue to use your current password to log in to the NDL Online system, but please remember that passwords set before December 27, 2017, are stored as UPPERCASE only, so please enter all alphabetic characters in uppercase when logging in to NDL Online.
  2. Resetting your password
    You can reset your NDL Online password at any time as long as you have a registered email address.
  3. Account lock
    To prevent unauthorized access, your account will be locked if your password authentication fails five times in a row.
    If this happens, you must wait for 10 minutes or reset your password and login with the new password.

We recommend setting a password which is unique, difficult to guess, and used exclusively for accessing the NDL Online.

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